You CAN Decorate Your Cable Wires! See Cute Solution . . .

Does this little cable holder hook look familiar? They are great for keeping cords/cable against your wall.

Great ‘cute’ news … now there are cable/cord holders that ‘bloom’. Ok, they don’t actually ‘bloom’, that is just the cute name that they were given - WireBloom! So, instead of a standard cable holder, you may want to add these green leaves and red bird to help you hold your cables. Here is a picture of how it looks installed on the wall:
It comes in a neat package, ready to be easily assembled:

These Wireblooms can be found at Animi Causa for $10.99. These are wonderful for dorm rooms, study areas, or home offices … especially for those days that you have to crawl under the desk to try to figure out what may had gone wrong with your computer. One look at these and I don’t think you can’t help but ….. smile! Until our next post …. * Hugs, Ada - Interior Decorator for the Star in You!

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