Wednesday’s Wink … { Birdie pillow cover + moooore!}

Aren’t these pillow covers oooh sooo pretty? I ALMOST forgot to show you these pics. They were intended to be sneak peeks of the item I found for the basement project. My team u/loaded them and we left them in our draft section and I ALMOST forgot to publish them (oopsie!!!).

We already revealed the basement transformation, but here are some closeup pics of a few of the items I found/purchased/and installed for my clients ….. like these pillow covers with different patterns and design for visual prettiness:

Mixing yellows, the wife’s favorite color, the husband was happy with an area for his brand new poker table [found by me as well] .. oooh back to the colors … mixing yellows with cool grays: 

We also mixed fabrics that had similar colors to wall decals for Oooh la la coolness: 

This is one of my favorite decals, then again …. I usually say that until I see another decals that WOWs me!!!

For the poker table area, we also added blue chairs and purchased playing card decals to be mounted on the chairs!! See the Ace decal below? Then, the fun music notes … laaaaLAAAlaaaLAA <- don’t I sound lovely? Since the basement was to have a play area with their kids karaoke machine, I presented these music decals to be mounted to the walls and ceiling:

In case u haven’t seen it yet, here’s a peek at the basement design transformation .. over here! Have a beautiful day full of smiles!!!!

(photo credits: Ada’s Interior Design ) Every comment is read, appreciated, and loved. To leave a comment please scroll down!

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4 Responses to Wednesday’s Wink … { Birdie pillow cover + moooore!}

  1. Love the colors and fabric. Did you buy the fabric in a shop or online? Cheers!

    • Ada says:

      I purchased the pillow covers online for my clients… soooo many wonderful choices, but when I spotted these I knew they would love it .. and they did (yeah!).

  2. homestilo says:

    What lovely patterns and love the color palette as well.

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