Wednesday’s Wink … { Design Peek | Lil Pops of Color!}

This is a design I created for a client ages ago. She had a very small budget, but she also had me on her side to maximize it ‘creatively’. Dontcha looove these flowing soft sheer curtains? We added floating wood shelves .. giving height to the wall to balance the long TV stand and her TV:

Here’s the furniture placement I created for her. We purchased all new furniture/accessories, except minus the people sculpture she already had (see above), TV, books, orange dishes, and 1 poster print ….

She loved her 1 poster print, sooooo you know what that means right??? = I ENHANCE what my clients LOVE, so I ended up finding two more poster prints (POPS of colors) similar to her original to create a set, and had it framed in black to pick up (color balance) the dark color lines of her 3 tier tables:



I remember my client being sooo excited when I surprised her with a dining area as I showed her the design (before I came into the picture, she didn’t think she would ever have a dining space in her room). The placement was perfect since it was near her kitchen! Designed with open-back chairs so they look spacious, cool looking candle-holders, small mirror frames for visual interest, and did you spot the oooh so pretty (cool + funky) pendant lamp? :

Did I tell you it was a smaaaaal budget? It was more cost effective to buy a raw table that had the perfect ‘fit’ and have it stained for a custom look: 

Above the fireplace we painted the wall with a Venetian plaster for texture, and painted the fireplace cover white (from gloomy looking black) to give it a softer look: 

Here’s how the room looked b/4 it was transformed w/my design, see the black fireplace cover and plain solid wall over the fireplace cover?:

On mantle we added more pop pop of you know what .. color + uniqueness:

So, how about you …. do you have lots or lil bits of pop of colors in your living room? 

This week is FULL of Onsite Consultations, including one today in Riverdale (which I will drive to). Then tomorrow in Manhattan (which I will metro it so I can do work on the train = multi-task)!  Have a BEAUTIFUL DAY!!!

(photo credits: Ada’s Interior Design) Every comment is read, appreciated, and loved. To leave a comment please scroll down!

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8 Responses to Wednesday’s Wink … { Design Peek | Lil Pops of Color!}

  1. Hi Ada, thanks for visiting my blog! I am glad you enjoyed the post about the bakery. What a wonderful place you have here (the blog) and great job on decorating on a very small budget! It is definitely better than it looked before. I like the green accents in that room: monstera leave on the floating shelves and a green box with grass in the corner. Green plants make any room alive… 🙂

  2. What a transformation! I love what you did with the “coffee table”. I have a very small space and have been looking for a good way to use a coffee table in that space. I might have to try your look. Last night I was looking at replica Noguchi coffee tables (my fav), but unfortunately they are waaaay too large. I thought a Japaneese designer would have small furniture, but no such luck.

    • Ada says:

      Hi Lisa, for Noguchi coffee tables check out Amazon. 3 tier tables are great … with open design they don’t look heavy, and r visually interested with the 3 heights, and you can STREEEETCH them out. Have FUN decorating!!!

  3. homestilo says:

    You really did make the most out of the space. I also really liked that you managed to add dining to the space.

  4. noreen says:

    Hello Ada,
    I like the black and little shocks of color. Also the dining area – glad you fit that in. Happy new week, N

  5. Ada says:

    Sprinkling colors in a room is always FUN! Start with neutrals then FUN ON!!!

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