Wednesday’s Wink … { added xmas stars to the ceiling }

Happy Wednesday!!!! Every holiday season we aim to decorate a little bit different from the last year to keep the design fresh looking + excitingly fun! So, this year instead of adding the outdoor strung-star lights outside we decided to bring them indoors and mount them on the …… ceiling of our bedroom to see the stars shining at night -placed near our window so the lights can twinkle outside for our neighbors to enjoy as well. Above is hubby on the ladder adding/pressing all the removable wall hooks (in clear)  to the ceiling  in a zig zag-like design. Then he simply strung the star-lights onto the hooks. My job?

…. I was the paparazzi …. taking action shots annoying capturing the moment to share with you!!! Thankfully, hubby is used to me and my camera; doesn’t his smile below say .. “oh, there she is ‘helping’ again”


So, what do you think of how it looks? The cost: $0.00 since we had the lights + hooks already at home. Do you hang any decor in the ceiling in your home to give visual ‘festive’ height?

We removed the green wreathes we had in the windows so it wouldn’t block the stars, and added our large RED wreath (I loooove the festive red color!!!) above our bed. I also love adding a small tree to our side table. We usually get a real tree, but I saw this artificial one in Jo-Anns that has snooooow and I fell in loooove with it - so to our home it went!. Hmmm, looking at the photo below I think I am going to add cotton-snow to the base of it to cover the legs.

Here’s a closer look at the stars. It is SOOOOO bright at night that we don’t need to turn our lights. We have it fixed on a time so it beautifully turns on and off by itself.

Oh, the mistletoe and holly berry that I purchased arrived … yeaaaahhhhh!!!!! … purchased for about $11 buckaroos only at We hung it in our foyer, it’s so pretty! I have another e-design to prep so signing off for now, have a GREAT day and happy holiday decorating!

(photo credits: Ada’s Interior Design) Every comment is read, appreciated, and loved. To leave a comment scroll down.

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6 Responses to Wednesday’s Wink … { added xmas stars to the ceiling }

  1. I am loving that red wreath. Did you make it yourself?

    • Ada says:

      We got it last year, at Pier 1 (I think!). The wreath that I did make was the glitter cotton-ball (winter wonderland) one that we place outside our door { posted on my blog }. I was pleasantly surprised that it still looks GREAT 1 year later.

  2. homestilo says:

    You really have seen to every detail Ada. I love the wreath above the headboard too.

  3. how festive! i love that you have that little tree next your bed, you be sure to have lovely dreams of suger plums and snowflakes all month long!

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