Wednesday’s Wink {What, Decorate with Wood Pallets? Yep}

Here they are … more pics of the living room (office / dining room) design installation for my client Bill. If u missed the previous posts, I gave some sneak peeks of the dining area here and of the meticulous awesome faux wood-grain painting by Anthony here. As with all my designs, we are ON A BUDGET! Which means that this gal needs to be her super-hero creativity cape on to create a design that fills the room. And, since there were a lot of furniture to replace, I knew I needed to ‘fill the walls’ economically = hence the pallets! How much do ya think the pallets costs? I’ll tell u in a bit.

But first, below is a peek of how the room looked before the installation, the check-marks shows what we kept -> the round dining table + one of the pillow covers on the sofa + basically replaced everything else.

How much did the pallets cost? $0.00!!!!!!!! I found them on! A gym was getting rid of them .. as many as we wanted for FREE (woohoooooo!). My contractor graciously picked them up for me then worked on them getting them ready for install day … da da daaaaa <- that’s my dramatic special effects noise. (I thought I had pics of the contractors installing them, but I couldn’t find them - sorry) . The pallets  (1) fill the walls (in a cool vintage way which my client LOVES), (2) is functional since the slot holds lots of magazines (which become art) and books, plus (3) it’s freak’in unique. We added plants to soften up the hard-wood, that’s me talking to the fern (“you sooo pretty, u cutie-pie fern you”)

One of the things that I LOVE about my design work is that every project is different (totally keeps my creativity ‘exercising’). How boringzzz if every home looked the same, right?!! Snoooozer!

We are all unique individuals with different styles and tastes so of course there are some interior designs that we resonate more with than others.  I ask my clients toooons of questions bec the more I know (psst what they like is as important as what they DONT like) than the better I can locate furniture items and KNOW that it’s perfect for ‘them’ = making their hearts smile! When I show them the design boards and see their eyes light up is when I know that I did my job well (and as cool and calm as I may look on the outside at that moment, I am jumping for joy - fireworks excited - on the inside). Ok, enough about me .. let’s check out the room …..

Don’tcha love this lantern on the pallet? 

The books and mags are easily accessible from Bill’s home office. btw - we waiting about 8 weeks for this desk!!! Not bec it was a custom furniture item, but bec it was not in stock but sooooo perfect in size, shape, color, AND price that the wait was totally worth it!  
Here’s a peek of how the room used to look:

and with my magic-interior-design-wand (abracadabra!), it now looks like this:

Masculine, vintage, cozy = were all key elements I kept in mind when creating the design. Bill has a small kitchen and I found out (through my gallizion questions asked) that he enjoys prepping small meals on a counter, so I incorporated in the design a kitchen counter (console-like) w/drawers to flow perfectly w/the living room and a wall mounted wine rack for his social (paaaarteee) events. 

We kept the client’s current coffee table (save muulaaaah!) … and added … lots (new sofa, seating, area rug, and more).

Client wanted to keep his tv/book system, so I simply organized it with bamboo bins (bringing dark wood tones to the area), and assigned designated areas … for all the cds, books, and plants/decor, etc.

The pillow (see below) in the back the client already had (AND LOVED), but it looked lonely so I sourced the one in front = and they are living in harmony (smoooches = love!)

Do ya remember how this project started? Inspired by a coffee shop that my client loves. 

On Friday I am going to try to find the presentation boards I created for this project, plus I still have one room of the apartment to show you …. bedroom pics! Below is a peek at the bedroom (a walk through the living room to the bedroom).

Are you working on any new home projects? It snowed a few inches last night where I live … aka … time to play with the snow … aka…  time to clean the cars from the snow  … aka … morning work-out! Then I’m diving into creating an invoice for yesterday’s wonderful consultation (which was in Manhattan - client has a gorgeous view of the Statue of Liberty!!! so cool to see), emailing a contract, and …. oooh let me not look at my to-do-list and simply dive into it …. have a GREAT day!

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6 Responses to Wednesday’s Wink {What, Decorate with Wood Pallets? Yep}

  1. homestilo says:

    I really like the use of it as a backdrop for art. Also love the lantern- nice touch!

  2. Antonio says:

    What a great idea witb the pallets. I love the lantern.

  3. Michele says:

    I’ve seen so many uses for pallets lately but this is one of the best.

    There are SO many things I’d love to do to my own place but for now I just add to my “to do” list and pin inspiration. ;)

    • Ada says:

      Hi Michelle, ooooh your comment just made by day (thank you! ). So glad u find it inspirational (yaaay!). To-do-lists are great (keeps us motivated), have FUN decorating step by step at a time enjoying the transformation process.

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