Wednesday’s Wink … { windows + doors dressed UP}

Yesterday I managed to tie myself to my office chair in order to prep this post for today featuring window treatments (aka: dressing up windows!!!) for clients in Thornwood, NY. The above picture captures the moment that I do my little prayer ritual as I unpack an item inspecting it at the client’s home, the prayer goes something like this … “please let it be perfect”“please let it be perfect”“please let it be perfect” (then I click my shoes 3 times, haha). The photo below is my look of phew … it is perfect!

I’m completely exaggerating, there wasn’t a moment of panic since I had teamed up The Curtain Shop in New Rochelle, NY to produce + install the custom window treatments!

Below is the proposed fabric design (isn’t it an “elegant wow”) + style (valance) for the hallway:


I sent my design assistant Evelisa to take pics (and video) of all the windows that the client wanted “dressed” then we filtered tooooons of fabrics narrowing designs, colors, textures that the clients would love. Here’s a peek at 2 design presentation boards we created showing the clients photos of their windows next to the proposed fabrics next to the adjacent rooms so they can see how all the fabric + designs (valance, drapery, etc.) flow so well together:

Here’s a closer view of the hallway valance (isn’t it beautiful?!!!!): 


Custom window treatments, because of fabric quality, and special TLC given to produce them, are more expensive than curtains stocked in stores; so to keep within the client’s budget we proposed stocked curtains as well. We took them to the tailors to have them pressed …. then added ring hooks …. then climbed up the ladder to install them:


Below is the stocked curtains ordered for the family room - sheer soft curtain coverings added to sliding doors. As designers, attention to meticulous detail is EXTREMELY important  … such as how tall should the panels be in proportion to the wall + surrounding furniture … factoring light switches and floor vents … and if windows/doors are stationary = this avoids having to drill the drapery rods in the wrong locations.


Below is a peek at the before pic with no curtain (looks naked, eeek!!) and after (strutting it’s sheer beauty):


Back to the magic of custom window treatments, here we added a roman shade for our clients’ kitchen window:


Here are the draperies selected for the dining room:


And then there was the breakfast area which consisted of windows and a door. Below is the Curtain Shop crew - installation rock star Stuart and issue solution-ist sales rep Luis:

With their magic, the fabric that we proposed to the client turned from a 12″ square cloth to mega-beautiful valance, here’s a closer view ….

… bringing the plain looking space to WOW-tastic:

But we weren’t done, here’s another gorgeous fabric transformed into a valance, the fabric’s leaves has a velvet lush feel … oooh la la beautiful:

Isn’t it beautiful how many times just 1 item can make such a HUGE visual impact in a space! Today I have an electrician coming over to my home to install a vintage pendant lamp in the bathroom (removing the boringzzz white wall mounted sconce and installing a bronze pendant from the ceiling) … I’ll take pictures to share with you. Have a beautiful day!

(photo credits: Ada’s Interior Design) Every comment is read, appreciated, and loved. To leave a comment scroll down.

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8 Responses to Wednesday’s Wink … { windows + doors dressed UP}

  1. homestilo says:

    I really love the valances you’ve used. They really give an elegant finish to the spaces.

    • Ada says:

      Glad u love the way they look (yaay!). First step was choosing the type of window treatment (valance, shades, blinds, drapery, etc), then we narrow down what style of valance (we went for the simply modern elegance of a box style) and BRING IN THE FUN with pretty fabrics = then propose design to client = approve = install = enjoy! :)

  2. Lisa says:

    Ada-thank you for sharing this beautiful project. Those fabrics are soooo pretty. I am loving curtains right now for my home and have noticed that they are transforming my rooms. I’ve noticed that even the quality of light that comes in has changed for the better.

    • Ada says:

      Hi Lisa! Glad to hear that u love the curtains u added to your rooms - window treatments can def transform a space immediately! Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  3. Jonathan F says:

    Ada, you always have the best photographs. What kind of camera do you use?

    • Ada says:

      Thanks Jonathan, glad u think so :) ! I use a Nikon DX and 2 different lenses (1:18g for my closeups) and (1:1.5-5.6g for the regular). I am getting a bit better in reducing the quantity of pics I take … used to be like a gazillion pics for that perfect 1 :) Have FUN with ur cam!!

  4. Emily C. says:

    Ada - I love the window dressings! Everything looks gorgeous (as usual)! I love the fabric that ended up as a valance in the breakfast area. I want a bunch of pillows with that fabric, pretttty. Hope all is well!

    • Ada says:

      It is such a pretty fabric isn’t it to make valances, pillows, drapery, chair cushions …. hmmmm, even dresses (whhhaaaa?).

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