Wednesday’s Wink … { vine decals swaying in the breeze }

If you have been a long time reader of my blog then you know that I LOVE finding decals for my clients! They make such a dramatic (wow-tastic!) difference in a wall at such an economical price! Maaaany times even MORE ECONOMICAL than paint (and less messy haha!)

Here I am below installing one for a client. The design/look that I aimed for was having the vine/branch magically surfacing from the ceiling … and an “imaginary” breeze swaying the leaves and branches to the left:

Here is one of the leaves: 

Sometimes it’s best to just decal an area vs an entire wall to get a subtle soft flowing look: 

Whatchathink of it? Below is the only semi-after photo that we have since my assistant took action photos of the installation, but forgot to take pictures after it was all done (oopsie!!!). We only realized it AFTER we got back to the office - yikes, oh well better something than nothing, right!

Here (below) we do have a full BEFORE and AFTER pic. This decal installation was on a master bedroom closet door. I advised my client that we install it from the top right corner of the door so the vine/branch looks like it’s softly hanging from the top and the wind’s breeze is swaying it to the left. Whatchathink? Did it achieve the look? 

If you have installed decals as well, I would love to see them! Maybe we can feature them in one of our posts - email my office Have a easy breezy beautiful day!!!

(photo credits: Ada’s Interior Design) Every comment is read, appreciated, and loved. To leave a comment please scroll down!

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13 Responses to Wednesday’s Wink … { vine decals swaying in the breeze }

  1. Those closet doors look fantastic thanks to a little decal love. Lovely Ada.

  2. homestilo says:

    How lovely. These are also a good solution for those afraid of long time commitment to a paint colour.

  3. This is incredible!!! We’ve got a kitchen straight out of the 70′s (pressed, dark particle board cabinets, anyone?) that we’re going to totally renovate, but in the meantime I painted the cabinets white because I just couldn’t stand look at them! I’ve wanted to paint some sort of flowy decal pattern across them, and I love the vines in your first picture! Where did you find the pattern?

    • Ada says:

      Hi Bonnie … great start painting it white until u r ready for the reno. I would be happy to tell you where the decal is from if it was mine, but it was for clients of mine … and out of respect for my paying clients I don’t reveal the source (sorry!!).However, there are TONS of ULTRA cool decals out there, I am sure u will find the PERFECT one for you or I can help find one for you.

  4. Very pretty. I’m loving your ring!

  5. Nina says:

    I really like the decal on the closet doors. Decals are so much easier to apply and take off than wallpaper. I still have this birds on a wire decal I need to find a good space for.

  6. Hi Ada, these decals are fab, so easy to apply and add so much to a space. I’m loving the one in the last photo. Catherine

  7. Hi Ada,
    Very inspiring!
    I had to add your Etsy shop as my favorite. Cute items!

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