Wednesday’s Wink … { tree decal install workout }

Happy Wednesday!!! I created an edesign for a couple who moved from Manhattan to Brooklyn, and the design included a huge/wide/tall tree decal for a WOW factor in the room. The clients fell in love with the design, but was a bit intimidated to install the decal themselves so they asked if I could …. and since they live in NYC I was happy to oblige.

If you have seen my previous wall decal installments you know that I love AND encourage to install the decals NOT as the design comes. Huh, did that sentence make sense? Meaning, that instead of just installing it on one wall,  take pieces on the decals and incorporate it throughout the room (psst, even on ceilings!). This tree decal design included an ADORABLE tree trunk stub designed to be placed next to the tree, but I gave it a new spot ….. I placed it next to a desk that was going to be added to the room:


Then I also took another section of the decal (the birds nest swing) and added it to the closet door:


Isn’t it adorable?


Time to place the birdie in it’s new home:


Cutie-pie!!!!! As a designer, I must confess that it takes a LOOOOOOT of restraint not to fill my home with so many creative items that I find when I source accessories/furniture for my clients:


I keep the decals’s instruction sheet (aka: jigsaw puzzle-like design) taped onto the wall for my visual guide). Now, time to rock out what I learned in yoga classes as I install this mega-wide decal, first streeeeeeetch …..

. . . then warrior pose (reaching the ladder) … plank pose (reaching the top steps of the ladder facing the wall) … downward dog pose (reaching for the tape). GREAT workout!

Below is a peek of the edesign I created for the clients. The couple wanted the room to be designed to be multi-functional (the smaller the room, the more creative we have to be to fit the ‘necessities’ in, bring ON the challenge!!) Next week I will post more details of the design including a peek of the furniture I found for the client.

Here’s an overview of how happy the little bird looks in it’s new nest, and how the tree is looking. I do enjoy installing decals bec I get to be creative with the placements. This was my 3rd decal installation in the same day so I was soooooo tired!! Thank goodness I had the help of my design assistant Evelisa to help sort the branches/leaves/take some photos (to share/inspire you). Do you see the items on the left side bottom of the ladder?


Besides my coffee (caffeine required when installing), all that was my wonderful clients stuff pushed to the side so we could squeeze in and do the install. You know how most of us have ONE room that becomes the ‘throw everything in there room’, well this was it since it was still under development (beautification), which is why I didn’t take a photo of the entire room, plus …. my arms were sooo tired. Do you like the decal?


Have you used wall decals in your home? And an even more important question is … are you all set for Thanksgiving Day tomorrow???? This year, I am planning on making a semi-home-made cranberry sauce, oooooof course I have my ‘back-up’ cranberry sauce from the can (JUST in case) when I was at the market yesterday (yes, shopping last minute), there were only a few cans left (phew!!!). Have a Happy Thanksgiving Day! Gobble Gobble <- that’s my turkey talk wishing you the gift of gratitude to surround your heart and restraint from slapping your relative upside their head. (((HUGS))).

(photo credits: Ada’s Interior Design) Every comment is read, appreciated, and loved. To leave a comment scroll down.

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6 Responses to Wednesday’s Wink … { tree decal install workout }

  1. Love the idea of dressing up simple white closet doors with a decal or two….

  2. homestilo says:

    The nest is so sweet. Hope you are having a great Thanksgiving weekend!

    • Ada says:

      Isn’t it adorable!!! Separating it (installing it on door) gives more visual light onto it. I hope you had a GREAT Gobble Gobble Thanksgiving Day as well!!!

  3. Wow factor is right! How cool!

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