a Tree and Bicycle IN a FOYER’s fabulousness!

Aloha! Our vaca-nniversay in Hawaii was wonderful; it included snorkeling during the day with turtles and at night with 14 foot wide Manta Rays, helicopter ride to volcano + waterfall and more (posting pics when I get the 1,025,052 photos I took organized! Office opened today, Wednesdays with lots of catching up to do including prepping this post for you …. a foyer and hallway design I created for my fab client, Elizabeth from Manhattan, filled with simple (aka: budget friendly) decorative items:

4 SUPER EASY ways to put pizzazz into your foyer (yep, feel free to whip out your note pad for this):

1. do someTHING with the door(s)! In this rental apt we didn’t paint the sliding doors, BUT added a vintage bike decal which turns into a cute hello-wink-wink fun visual for my clients who is a bicyclist.

2. Provide visual height! Awesome in long small spaces for visual interest, here we accomplished it by me climbing a ladder and installing the tree decal.

3. Make the space functional! Added a mirror! Check yourself out before you leave your home for the whole world to see you (do you have lipstick on your teeth? or spotted a HUGE stain on your tie?)

4. Have a drop zone! Keys, mails, bike helmet. Client already have a corner console but the color was a bit bland so chic black color wood table to the rescue!

The tiny (but now fabulous) foyer / entryway leads to a loooong hallway, which we simply re-organized her artwork, added a dash of fun (see the bird perched on the light switch?), and provided a focal point at the end of the tunnel/hallway with a beautiful floral artwork. Ready to see some BEFORE pics?

My clients are ROCK STARS for allowing photos to help inspire you. On top of the coat rack Elizabeth had the multi-gallery photo frames. I am not a fan of those bec it makes the wall look cluttered, which is NOT want we want from a wall that is functioned to already hold daily usable attire (coats / bags/ etc.) … Elizabeth agreed (yeaaah) and we replaced the multi-photo frame with a beautiful soft serene looking  floral artwork.

Hallway leads to the living room which I had already featured in another post. Remember this room?

I love how the sheer curtains gently provides a peek at the bicycle and outdoor area. Yep, I even consider items like bicycle when I design (that’s just how I roll!).

Click here for  more photos - where in one space I manged to create a design to fit a living room, entertainment (bar area), and home office design for my client. Here’s a peek at the corner selected for the home office:

Here’s a closer look, and yes I place Post-its to be decorative as well … making these look like a heart shape:

I love hearing from my Elizabeth that she immediately started inviting friends over (wooohooooo, parteeee!!).

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8 Responses to a Tree and Bicycle IN a FOYER’s fabulousness!

  1. homestilo says:

    What fun and simple touches you’ve added.
    The vacation sounds amazing- can’t wait to see pics!

    • Ada says:

      Thanks, simple decorative items can make DRAMATIC impact (visually and how a person feels when they walk into the space). I always want my clients to FEEL GREAT!!!

  2. rooth says:

    I am totally in love with that simple and chic living room - that’s exactly what I need my place to feel like

  3. Ada says:

    Hi Rooth, u CAN have the chic look in your room too … find items you LOVE and keep a cohesive flow. Or contact me, haha ;)

  4. Rachel says:

    Hi Ada, your vacation sounded great- I’m definitely jealous!
    I noticed the decals you used in your hallway. I work for a company called Pixers (pixersize.com), and they have an amazing selection of decals, wall murals, and awesome art in general. I’d love for you to check us out and let me know what you think :) Thanks!

    PS I could see you liking our new “Amelie” mural: http://pixersize.com/wallmurals/amelie-r127420

  5. Zoraida Cespedes says:

    I love your blog, you always have great tips and a great positive vibe.
    I am so looking forward to using your services when I move to my own apartment very soon.

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