Wednesday’s Wink … { onsite consultation transformation }

Holey moley, how did Wednesday get here so quickly! Today’s post features some photos that one of my Onsite Ideas Consultation clients sent me. As much as I love my edesign services, it doesn’t beat meeting clients in person and seeing their faces light up with my decorating ideas. And I get super excited when I see photos of the implemented ideas bec 1) it confirms that they loved my ideas, 2) makes me proud of them for taking ’action’ to transform their room, and 3) I can share it on the blog to inspire other people with the ideas (wooohoooooo). These are all after photos of simple changes that made a HUGE difference.

The kitchen lacked some FUN and felt cramped, I suggested that they mount the pots to the walls which becomes a type of artwork (the accessible kind!), to get a kitchen utility cart with an open shelf system so it doesn’t feel/look cramped, and GOTTA add the chalkboard to the wall for those AMAZING list of dishes to create oh the ‘omg, I am almost out of milk again’. Furniture placement is a BIGGIE in small apartments (oh, btw, this is a studio apartment in Astoria/Queens, NY = which means = yep SMALL!). Placement of furniture is key to providing an open/airy flow from one space to the other (yeeees, even studio apartment have spaces!) … entry area/foyer to … kitchen to … dining to … living room … to bedroom … (oh and even an office space (desk) was squeezed into the apt <- pic to follow). My clients Tracye and Bruce did an  AMAZING job decorating. Don’tcha agree? I am so proud of them!!!

Here are some more photos . . .

And this desk would had taken waaaay to much space in the great room (aka: the studio’s living room/bedroom) so tucking it into the closet provides more space to walk around / play / dance / rock out (can u tell I am listening to music as I write this post?)! 

I have a busy day today, but for some reason I am in a zen zone + loving it. I knew this week would be busy; i have edesign to prep before big full service install next week, 2 broadway plays to attend, and hosting a holiday get-together at my home …. hmmm, ok now I am feeling stressed … huuuuum hummm <- that’s my meditation. The key to zen = is to stay in the moment. And, to appreciate what I do have. Thank YOU for stopping by to see what I am up to. Hugs, and have a beautiful day!

(photo credits: Ada’s Interior Design) Every comment is read, appreciated, and loved. To leave a comment scroll down.

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7 Responses to Wednesday’s Wink … { onsite consultation transformation }

  1. homestilo says:

    I’ve always wanted to have a closet to turn into an office. Alas, there are never enough closets :-( I also really like the idea of making use of the walls for (styled) storage.

    • Ada says:

      Maybe one day u will have it (yaay!!). Also, u can always super-size your home with other storage …. ottomans with storage, underbed storage, upper kitchen cabinet storage, etc.

  2. rooth says:

    I’ll have to say - the hooks on the kitchen walls for the pots and pans is really smart, especially for a kitchen low on storage space

  3. Nina says:

    The little closet office is so cute! And when you’re done you can just close the doors and nothings reminds of work anymore ;)

  4. Lisa says:

    Once again I’m impressed with your ability to create so many functional “rooms” within one small space. I love the desk in the closet and that blue metal locker is really cool.

    • Ada says:

      It’s a blessing (and schooling of course) to have trained eyeballs to see the potential of a space. It’s like magic how we can transform a room with slight ECONOMICAL changes.

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