Wednesday | Quick Lil’ Changes in Kitchen

Yep, that’s me doing yoga (aka: styling the dishware for my clients Cathy and Charles) = warrior yoga pose!

I had designed their dining room (via full design service) and they wanted me to take a peek at their kitchen to provide them with ideas that they could implement themselves (which fits under my consultation service). This is the before photo of their kitchen and the ideas I suggested … (notice the annoyingly UNcentered light fixture?!):

Blue was chosen for the wall paint! The wall used to be an eek yellow color! They said BYE BYE to their old shades (that hardly blocked ANY light), and said helloooo wood-grain blinds; installed as an INSIDE mount (vs the OUTSIDE/TOO NARROW shades that they used to have).

Then I found a ultra sleek and modern wall sconce, presented it to my clients and they fell in love with it as well. It’s black color wall base + arms match the wall cabinets black handles, the windows black frames, and even the stove top <- yep, I even consider stove tops in my design (haha).

Clients wanted to keep their counter top, cabinet colors, and floor, so the mission was to incorporate items and style the kitchen to look serene and hip. They had looooots of cabinets which made the space feel too enclosed (vs airy open feel). I remember eyeballing the upper cabinets imaging it (yes, I fantasize a lot!) as an open shelve system. But, instead of removing the entire cabinet + installing shelves I suggested that they simply remove the doors (voila!).

I like this pic below w/my hands moving, it reminds me of bionic woman! Remember that TV series? daaaannaanaa <- that’s my sound effect for the TV series tune (yes, I know I am off-tune!). Hey, when styling we gotta be quick (cue in bionic pooooowers!) …

I found chalkboard jars that the clients could write messages or names, as we ended up doing …

It was important to add ROUND chairs to balance the square/rectangular shape of the rooms. Not only are they an awesome color (I found them online), but they SWIVEL (wueeeeeee <- swiveling fun!):

A lil’ quick styling goes a looooong way! Tip: incorporate clear containers on shelves for … well, everything that you can fit in it, such as pasta, beans, sugar, rice, candy, flour, etc.

The beauty of design is that you can do so MANY different things; for example with upper cabinets you can paint the shelves, wallpaper the back panels, etc creative etc! Let your budget be your guide on what you can do in the present so you can feel the serene happiness of a design that makes you smile. Here’s a quick before photo look at the upper cabinet - one door down, one more to take off; and I had started relocating the wine glasses from inside the cabinet to the out/sides of it …

Here’s the “after photo” of the new modern and serene look for the kitchen …

Whatchathink? I hope you find it inspiring! And huge THANK YOU to Cathy and Charles for trusting my vision for them (and that I wouldn’t break any of their dishes when styling!). I’m off to place a gazillion orders for a new client (since our fax machine just spat their signed approved invoices), then I’m off to review a project with a contractor (eek, is it Friday yet??!!!). Have a beautiful day!!!

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4 Responses to Wednesday | Quick Lil’ Changes in Kitchen

  1. Nina says:

    Well done Ada! I never understand why people would mount a sconce off center between windows or doors. Centering it would have been my choice as well. Also like how removing the doors changed the look of the cabinet. The chalkboard jars are super cute!

  2. antonio says:

    You are a designing wonder woman : )

  3. homestilo says:

    Nicely executed! I really like how that new wall sconce completely updates the space.

  4. noreen says:

    ada - a job well done. it does look just lovely finished. taking notes!

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