Wednesday’s Wink { foyer design modern GLAM }

Ready to see how I glam’d up a foyer for my wonderful clients Cathy and Charles in Fleetwood? I have given a peek into their design before when I posted about how I prep my presentation boards, but I just haven’t had time to prep/share more the pics with you. Until now ….. here’s a peek at their before photo with my quick written game plan:

1. get a new light fixture (that’s glamorous!)
2. paint walls, door frames, mouldings/trims
3. paint the stairs risers (so steps looks like they are floating)
4. add artwork

My clients were not happy with their existing wall paint color (a mustard-like eeew color hue) NOR the stenciled borders that their new home came with. We kept getting the giggles every time we looked at the ultra-outdated stencils. Bye bye stencil.

I aim to coordinate being onsite when the contractor(s) are working there so I can answer any questions they may have, do a bit of QC (quality control), makes sure the installation process is going smooth, and I get to do my ‘part of the install work’ = which in this project was setting up a photo placement guide (if you want to see a video of a previous photo wall placement guide install mosey on over here). Warning: I watched the hysterically funny City Slickers movie recently so I may be using the word ‘mosey’ a lot. While the contractor worked his magic in the dining room (pic below) …..

…. I worked in the foyer finalizing the photo placement guide. My assistant Myra helped cut the kraft paper using the clients’ frames for the size guide, then it was time to give my biceps a work-out and place them - attaching them with blue painters tape so the newly painted walls wouldn’t be damaged. Ready to see it all installed?

Here’s how it looks. What do you think of it?

I love when my clients use their own art bec it makes the space even more personal to them (remember my company motto: …. to illuminate my clients personality within their home <- ok, it may be a bit corny, but so true to my heart. I love my clients, every one of them are special and unique, just like their homes. Ok, back to the photos … we went through a stack of photos to get a travel theme (since my clients love to travel) .. making sure the photo colors, size, and styles flowed perfectly for the space. I don’t zoom in on the photos to keep my clients privacy in tact (they had some AMAZING photos of their European travels), but here are more overall pics:

Here’s a recap of steps that needed to be implemented within the design; including adding a mirrored light switch cover (details details details add even more glam to a space).

Here’s another peek of the before (after the walls were painted) ….

And, the after (I looooove the serenity and glam of this space) ….

More pics (a modern glam foyer design) …

when you walk into the entryway the dining room is on the left (you can see a peek of it in the above right side photo) and the living room is on the right (stay tune for pics on BOTH of those room transformations). Here’s a peek at the design board that I presented to my client ….

… once the design is approved, my office rocks out placing orders for the items, getting an estimated arrival for each item, so we can coordinate installation day!

Dont’cha love the painted stair risers .. I luv how the steps look - like they are elegantly floating. BTW, did you notice the railing on the stairs? The before photo has it on the left side, and the after photo shows it on the right side. Yup, we had it removed (wall patched up), new one (showing the wood tones / not the mustard-like paint color) installed to the right side.

So, what do you think of the design? This Friday I’ll aim to show you a peek at the dining room. Big emphasis on “I will aim to” bec I will be onsite at another installation (this one in Chelsea / Manhattan) = busy day! So, do you like how I been prepping these photo install reveals (showing the before pics and after)? Let me know if you do want me to continue sharing more of these transformations, if not then I’ll just stop posting these (your call!). I’ll love to hear what you think. Have a beautiful day!

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8 Responses to Wednesday’s Wink { foyer design modern GLAM }

  1. Wow! What a difference a few changes can make. I love that you moved the handrail on the staircase. It’s a small change, but makes a big difference visually. Your pics are beautiful. Do you take them yourself or hire a photographer? I hope that you continue to show your before and after changes. They are both inspirational and I learn a lot from you.

    • Ada says:

      Hi Lisa, glad u like the behind-the-scenes pics .. it’s a long prep process (like 2-3 hours which is why I am debating whether to keep posting these). I do take the photos myself (self taught checking out websites that gives tips on taking photos indoors), I LOVE taking photos (I consider myself a lilttle amateur photographer still learning .. with many YIKES that’s TOO dark or DARN that’s TOO light). Taking pics myself saves my company sooooooooooooo much money (so thank goodness I luv it, huh!) :)

  2. Jonathan F says:

    You always knock it out of the park!

  3. rooth says:

    That certainly looks wonderful - the light fixture adds just that needed sparkle and drama to the entryway

  4. ElizabethM says:

    Such a beautiful foyer/entryway…very inviting…and modern. The very light walls are perfect…and the black framed photographs pop out too. Very sophisticated look with the chandelier. Simple, yet elegant. Painting can do wonders.

    • Ada says:

      Hi Elizabeth! Glad you also find it beautiful (yaay!) Yep, painting works wooooonders! Especially when covering old looking stencils (eek!)

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