Wednesday | eDesign cozy glam in huge space

It’s that time again to show off my new ring to feature another one of my eDesigns. This one was for my clients Stephanie and Matt who had started decorating themselves then became frustrated at their choices … in comes “moi”. I was happy to help. Did you see the height of the ceiling? 122″ wowness! They submitted photos of their room and measurements, and I got to work finding accessories including these beauties ….

They had LOTS of photos + artwork that they hoped to incorporate in the design, so I created an elevation drawing to guide them on exactly where they can place each photo/art piece to (the biggie ->) maintain a cohesive design flow. Yep, that’s how we roll here … everything needs to flooooow well together.

On the left is the bar / entertainment area and the right side is the lounge (time to walk TV time) area:

Photos and drawings go to my design assistants first so they can prep the clients folder (my assistants are ROCKSTARS!!!), and when everything is in the folder then I start the design.

Drawing the floorplan then finding / adding furniture  …

For Stephanie and Matt I incorporated a dining area (flipping their dining table from how they currently had it), living room area (that was conversational and open to entertainment/bar area, plus an office area .. all within one space. Here’s a closer view:

Yep, my furniture placement drawings are very detailed, I label each item so the clients knows exactly where to place the items. Clients also get a shopping list with a direct web link of where they can buy each suggested item (yep, making shopping for them easy breezy). Which is why, my friends, I charge $550 for designing a small room. I put a lot of time, creativity, and love in each and every design; customizing it to my clients room measurements and the questionnaire form that tell me what they LOVE so I can find items that would make their hearts pitter patter with excitement.

Here are some of the items I found for Stephanie and Matt (scroll up to the furniture placement drawing so you can see where each item fit).

In my questionnaire form I always ask clients to describe their “dream room”. It’s not enough to ask them to describe their design style preference since some people may not know their style or confuse styles (like: modern with contemporary).

It’s my job as the designer (and .. ahem ..  owner of a company that specializes in “affordable” solutions) to make sure that I create a fully balanced design within my clients budget. Which is why I may add just one ottoman to a design instead of 2 so the money they save in that additional ottoman is spent on other items .. like the cool looong work desk.

Today I have a busy day … a design consultation in West Village, meeting with contractor to review details of a kitchen expansion, taking window measurements for one of my current clients (we are adding 7 cool shades in one space), and heading to a lecture at NYSID about Rudy Ross Wood (a 1920s New York interior decorator). Then for tomorrow I need to find my comfy flat shoes, I will be at the Architectural Digest Home Design Show all day to check out all the innovative cool furniture and catch as many design lectures as possible (including the one by Nate Berkus <- so sad to hear that his TV show is ending).  If you will be at the design show tomorrow, send me an email and maybe we can meet up. Gotto go now, have a beautiful day!

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2 Responses to Wednesday | eDesign cozy glam in huge space

  1. noreen says:

    this is what i want to know ada - how do you find time to blog? congrats on all your work, and i hope you have a relaxing weekend!

    • Ada says:

      haha! I actually don’t have time for it …which is why my Monday’s Make-it and Saturday’s Color Story don’t get featured as much (we had 6 columns that we used to feature regularly). I used to have my assistants help u/load pics and even post some Friday Finds columns, but even that took them away from other stuff to do around the office … so now it’s an occasional post (mainly the Wednesdays Wink) WITHOUT having a nervous breakdown bec we didn’t stick to featuring each of our main 3 blog columns per week. The goal = blog for FUN ; ) Have a lovely weekend as well!

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