Wednesday’s Wink … { eDesign of nursery w/guest room }

Today is def a HOT CHOCOLATE day, it’s so brrrrr in New York. These cold days make me even more grateful for my edesign service where I can still help clients while hibernating in my warm toasty office. This design was created a while ago for clients who had recently moved to Brooklyn and wanted to make a room into a baby (for baby boy Nadal) / guest room (for visiting relatives). Their main wish list: …. keeping ONE item that they already had = a crib that converts into a bed, NO changing table, having a sofabed in the room for guests, and ideally having the room feel fitted for adults (non crayon colors for the room!). I upped the wish list and added …. a play / reading area for Nadal, writing desk (semi-office space for mom), and space in the center of the room for PLAY TIME FUN and more! The drawing below identifies the furniture items + their placement - including the sofabed that I managed to squuuuueeeeze into the room design without making the room feel smaller - the dotted lines in front of the sofa shows where the mattress falls when the bed is opened ….. perfect spacing:

For all my edesigns I provide my clients w/ photos of the furniture and links to where they can buy them. Here’s a peek at some of the furniture items sourced …. did you spot the blue faux zebra rug … a unique pattern for an ultra chic baby/guest room, I also added sqaure cushiony carpet tiles in the center of the room for Nadal’s comfort:


Since the room is primarily baby boy Nadal’s room I wanted to add a FUN design element within the room that would make the space visually appear larger. How? Adding the outdoors inside = with a HUUUUUUGE (deep breath in … HUUUUUUUGE) tree decal on the opposite side of the crib (for visual balance + more). Below is the layout showing where the decals were placed.

And since these clients live in NYC they asked if I could install the decals for them …. which I was happy to do (plus, weather was much warmer that day than today!!!). Here I am at installation:


Below is the seller’s photo of the decal (I ended up separating the hanging nest and l.o.v.e trunk adding them to different areas within the room), plus the wall color I recommended, bookshelves, pillow, and curtain rods (yep, I even source the curtain rings!!! .. to make my clients shopping experience easy breezy.

The birds nest ended up at the closet door, and I ended up getting a workout going up and down the ladder installing the tree decal:


Yikes, my hot cocoa is already cold! Time for another round!!!! Is it cold where you live? I always tell my hubby that my Caribbean island blood running through my veins (yes, very dramatic!) isn’t used to this cold weather (though I was born in Brooklyn, NY haha).  So, did u make any New Years resolutions? Mine are losing 20 lbs by February (gym here I come ….. ummm, but I will start next week haha), meditation EVERY DAY since i always feel so much more relaxed after it (like I can conquer the world!!! .. or at least all my emails), and reading MORE spiritual/soul oriented books (which means I have to turn off all electronics) - I started reading The Time Keeper, by Mitch Albom about a man who is banished to a cave where he listens the people’s pleas for more minutes, more hours, more days, more time as he had plead. I already got teary eyed reading it and I am only 1/4 into the book. Click on the title link above if you want to buy/read it too. Have a beautiful ‘time’ today! Happy New year!!!

(photo credits: Ada’s Interior Design) Every comment is read, appreciated, and loved. To leave a comment scroll down.

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4 Responses to Wednesday’s Wink … { eDesign of nursery w/guest room }

  1. Nina says:

    Happy new year Ada! I love the fun decals you use in kids rooms!

  2. Jonathan F says:

    Just adorbs.

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