Wed’s | Eco-cool Living + Dining Room Design

Ready to see another one of my designs? As most of you know, I am the main photographer in our photoshoots bec. (1) I love practicing / improving my skills and (2) it so much more economical than hiring a professional (as a small biz I aim to save money where we can so we can splurge on fun stuff), and (3) it improves my eye for detail every single time (aka: control freak that wants a particular look).

My clients, Rick and Kelly, had just moved to Brooklyn and wanted to incorporate eco-friendly new items into their new apartment. Interior Decorator (moi!) to the rescue!!! Cue in the GORGEOUS recycled dining table …

The dining table is made of peroba rosa wood (from an old Brazilian coffee factory) that was trimmed to 1″ strips and tiled together. I love the different color woods strips (marvelously mosaic!).

In my photoshoots I love bringing (gifting) flowers to my clients whom I love and appreciate the confidence they have in my ability to design for their personality & style (and budget of course, for hey, that’s my specialty … creative designs within a budget!). 

Did you spot the intertwined recycles wood COAT RACK above? Isn’t it GORGEOUS?!! My design made sure that the dining area wasn’t closed off by the living room. I incorporated a long bench as seating for part of the dining area so it can provide EXTRA seating for guests chilling out having fun in the living room.

Clients had a 1,450,500 windows, ok, a bit exaggerated = they had lots. I proposed adding long opaque and sheer curtains with earthy capiz shells as trim along the panels. Yep, this gal has no problem trekking up tall ladders …

Aren’t the flowingly GORGEOUS!

Here’s a close up of one of the capiz shell sheer curtain panels … oh, and the green cushion is an outdoor (comfy) cushion I spotted last minute for the window sill .. extra seating!!! … and it’s much more ECONOMICAL than having one custom made (extra seating done Ada style = economically!).

I love styling the room “final touches” before the finale = making my client’s heart smile. My goal with styling to to also TEACH my clients how they can place items … I love the elegance of a single rose (don’t you?) …

Oh, by the way the vase below is actually a clear drinking glass ….

The coffee tables (2 levels) were another eco-friendly furniture item made from railroad ties (yes, u read correctly … the bracket that support railroads). Are in in amazed-world yet?  Isn’t the patina GORGEOUS = make from sun, rain, and loving craftsmanship. So, what do you think of the design? Any favorite items? I LOVE the POP of color in the orange pillows …

Without the visual height of the curtains, the furniture items would had looked “heavy and incomplete”, so I am glad we rocked the apt with curtains galore!

The round chairs (which also swivels!!) gives a cozy (hug) feel to the room. Every item in the design is NEW (yep, I am a furniture sourcing machine!!) They design also included a slim console table (place in the entrance = for a mail drop zone area!!) and a wall mounted bookcase behind the door (sorry no pics of it without my having to dive into my archive).

A big THANK you to my WONDERFUL design assistant Albina who was by my side on Christmas Eve finishing this project (you are AMAZING Albina!!!) and the rocking expertise of contractor Virgil and his team! I do still have my Design Presentation Boards <- that I showed my clients for their approval, so if I can squeeze in some time I will post them this Friday. Tomorrow I will be at a photo-shoot for the apt project in Chelsea/ Manhattan (I have to remember to pack my umbrella!). Have a beautiful day!!!

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12 Responses to Wed’s | Eco-cool Living + Dining Room Design

  1. very lovely! i am in love with that table and i imagine that and the coat rack are so wonderful together. i also think the bench seating nearest the living area is such a genius idea to augment your “extra” seating design. you are so talented! now, can you come to my house ; )

  2. Sarah says:

    That dining room table is INSANELY gorgeous!

  3. antonio says:

    I love the curtains.

  4. Albina says:

    Hi Ada! Good times! Thank YOU for taking time to teach me how the world of design works and giving me a jump start in my design career. I learned a lot from you. I am still learning a lot by following your wonderful blog. It is so good to see your new amazing projects. I see a lot of hard work and passion in all of them. Keep it up!

  5. Nina says:

    I always love your behind the scenes shots! And it is also always great to see your finished designs, this one is no exception. Really digging the dining table and the coffee tables.

    • Ada says:

      Thanks Nina, photoshoots are soooooo EXHAUSTING (um, bec I do the styling AND photography myself) but the end results is so magically rewarding seeing the design I had drawn come to life!

  6. Pat says:

    Ada, your ideas always inspire me. You made a small space look amazing.
    We should stay in touch.


    • Ada says:

      Aww, thanks Pat! You just made my very busy day more beautiful by saying that my ideas inspire you (yeaaah!). Let’s def stay in touch. Have a wonderful day!!

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