Eclectic cowgirl (yeehaw!) bedroom design

Yeehaaaw <- can’t help saying it whenever I see a cowboy/girl hat! Today I’m featuring the design I created for my client Nicole who was an equestrian since she was young (photos + fab medals to prove it!). I remember in our consultation her eyes lighting up when we talked about her riding; which meant that I definitely needed to incorporate a dash (or splash) of equestrian flair within the designs (bedroom + living room) for her. I hope you love how we transformed her bedroom:

What was kept in the room / used in the design? Her bedframe, apothecary (moved from the living room …. it was begin used as a TV stand), small dresser, sunflower artwork, and window blinds).

I make it my job (psychologist hat on! Yes, biz owners wear many hats!) to analyze/read what my clients want within their style , some clients are strictly modern peeps, others like Nicole, love a mix of styles like …

 …. shabby chic (see mirrors, blue side table, etc.) and traditional (see bronze arm lamp, floral art), modern (see blue upholstered chair, plastic black chandelier, pillows), oriental (rug, her current apothecary cabinet). Then, I place my favorite hat on … my design cap … to make sure that all the items flow well together. Ready for a close up pic? See below. Dontcha love the distressed look on the white framed mirrors and the blue side table? The black undertones from the mirror frame flow oooh sooo nicely (if I do say so myself) with my client’s black bedframe):

Since I work on a budget it’s important to balance out what NEEDS to be incorporated into the design to maintain a cohesive flow and what can be left out. We didn’t add curtains (which I love adding to give visual height to a room), buuuuut instead we added wall decals … on the wall viewed as soon as you walk into the room (birdcage) and on the closet door. The birdcage decal design arrived with the birds INSIDE the cage, but I suggested that we place the birds outside the cage to show movement and romanticism (queue in Snow White singing - see video). Here are some more pics (and see who sneaked into the photoshoot lounging her cool self into the photos):

I’m not sure why I am so serious in this photo below; prob internal debating thinking … “should I place the cowgirl hat here or here or here; oooh it looks GREAT here!”.  Styling a room with details that my clients loooove (like the vintage keys + heart shaped horseshoe that I factored into this design for Nicole) is sooo much fun!

I hope you enjoyed today’s Behind the Scenes peek … bringing a lil country design style into a NYC home. Next week, I’ll share the living room design; it’s not too “cowgirl”-ish style design but we did add a real lasso (yes, lasso  … Ebay to the rescuuuuue!) into the design!. Hmmm, maybe one day I can get a real horse into a design. Maybe! What did you think of the design?

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  1. homestilo says:

    NIcely done! I especially like the skeleton keys (I’m a sucker for those)

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