Wednesday’s Wink {bedroom with storage POWER}

Game plan time! No, not football, but bedroom design plan for my clients Rahul and Melanie. When designing any room the first thing I ask is how my clients want to feel when they walk into the room. Melanie showed me a photo of Greece which made my heart go AHA knowing the EXACT color that I was to introduce into the room so they could get the sense of … Grecian get-away. Let the magic begin! Next step, measuring time ….

It’s important to take an inventory of WHAT TO KEEP  (the eewww list, the I love list, the maybe-we-keep-to-save-money-and-invest-that-savings-into-something-else list). To save money, we kept the window shades (seen below rolled up) and the carpet.

My clients wanted organized-storage, they did have closets in the room but they were small. So we said bye bye to their dressers and said hellooooooo to stocked closet system.

The closet (though stocked and not custom made) are so tall, wide, and have lacquered ultra-glossy shinny doors that they are bottom line = GLAMTASTIC! Oh, and that is the outside of it, check out the inside …. storage heaven … having a designated space for EVERY thing on my clients list (woohooooooo!). Bedroom storage power to the rescuuuue!!! We could had even squeezed in another tall slim closet unit, but we didn’t bec of budget restraints (but it’s awesome to show clients the possibilities when / if they decide to change it up).

Below is the furniture placement layout I created for Melanie and Rahul. The bed also transforms into storage awesomeness bec it has built in drawers on EACH side!

When styling a room I love to incorporate flowers (it simply livens up the room even more), I wish I could rent puppies and kittens for photo-shoots (haha) but I would simply want to take them ALL home with me. Stay tuned for this Friday’s follow-up where I will show you how the bedroom looks after my design was installed. I’m off to paint a bathroom cabinet in my home .. step by step by step I have been squeezing in designing my home within my work schedule. I came to realize that unless I placed myself as a client I wouldn’t finish (er, start) certain projects at my own home. And I know there is the weekend, but as much as I loooove decorating, this gal also loves to chill-lax in the weekends without having to look at drawings or have a paint brush in my hand. See you Friday!!

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2 Responses to Wednesday’s Wink {bedroom with storage POWER}

  1. antonio says:

    Great storage placement. You deserve some chill-lax time.

    • Ada says:

      Thanks, it’s great to relax in the weekend (re-energizes the body!). Closet system = beautiful (glossy sheen in the outside) and functional (departmentalized in the inside).

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