Wednesday’s Wink … { my Halloween decorations }

Meet our spider pet, we named him, Leggie! Doesn’t he have the cutest red eyes! Haha.  Have you already decorated for Halloween?

In our fam, we start October 1st so we can enjoy the fun-weirdness for an entire month. And it doesn’t take much change to ‘Halloween-size’ homes. First step is to remove most of the current decor you have … so it doesn’t clash with the … spiderwebs. YOU GOTTA HAVE SPIDERWEBS for Halloween!!! Checkout how our mantel looks:


We simply added a HUGE web (my idea, cost $7.99) w/skeleton spiders (hubby’s idea, $1.99 each), a black candle holder (which we already had) w/red candles, and crows which were on sale at Michaels for about $5.00).

Is this the cutest crow you have seen? Hmm, what should I name him? He’s like a gargoyle (you know, like a chihuahua who acts like a pitbull, haha) - guarding our fireplace from witches trying to fly in through the fireplace to steal our candy. I am VERY attached to candies!!! October is the only month I allow myself to go crazy eating candy and we need as much left over for when the kiddies come around).


Doesn’t this photo remind you of Hansel and Gretel ? A liiiiiiittle bit sinister ( I love it hahaha):

Oh, this year we even decorated chair legs with witch stockings:

This broom has been my FAVORITE find this year ….. not only did the broom cost only $3.99 at the Christmas Tree Shop, but it has a cinnamon aroma that beautifully illuminates the room. I may keep this decor until Thanksgiving (did i mention that it was ONLY $3.99????):


We purchased the foam skeleton last year. Hmm, I’m not sure how much it cost, but knowing that I refuse to pay a lot for decor, it probably cost less than $8. The JOY we find in decorating is knowing that we didn’t spend a lot of money. Are you like that as well?

Did you spot the witch lamp? That’s was hubby’s idea. Pretty cool huh? Yep, even lamp shades can get Halloween-ized in our home! Makes me wish I had more witches hats. Hmm, maybe our guardian crow should allow some witches to come in after all haha.

I love our friendly neighborhood GIANT spider Leggie…. again, simple decor can make a HUGE scary/fun/creative/unexpected impact.

Here’s a “poison’ doormat I spotted at the Christmas Tree Shop, as soon as I saw it I thought OMG, I could MAKE THIS by creating a stencil and painting my current outdoor mat …. sooo simple …. 


….  THEN I saw the INSANE economical price tag of just $6.99! Hmmm, buy it economically OR spend money on paint and lots of hours stenciling, waiting for paint to dry, etc? You BET I raaaan to the register to buy it, wouldn’t you?

As for a DIY, I have been thinking of making a cat pumpkin (maaaaaybe!!!). Last year I created a spider pumpkin (so much fun to do!). I hope you visit on Friday … we have a cool theme for our column! Oh, and if you posted your Halloween decor on your blog, feel free to share the link here to inspire our blog friends. Have a FUN Halloween month! Hugs!

(photo credits: Ada’s Interior Design) Every comment is read, appreciated, and loved. To leave a comment scroll down.

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6 Responses to Wednesday’s Wink … { my Halloween decorations }

  1. Myra says:

    The Halloween decor looks amazing! Love the witch hat on the lamp, kudos to your hubby for the idea! My favorite would be the GIANT spider Leggie! Looks fantastic right outside of your front door! Looks like you had a lot of fun Halloween-sizing your home!!

    • Ada says:

      It’s always a blast of fun decorating for Halloween. We also decorated outside, I do have to keep an eye on hubby NOT to take it too scary. Though, maybe the scarier it is the less kids come and MORE CANDY LEFT OVER FOR ME! Ok, ok, I’ll shaaaare :)

  2. homestilo says:

    Wow, you really went all out Ada- I love it. Especially the chair leg stockings- what a hoot!

  3. How funny. I bought two leggies. My husband hates spiders so I’ve got spiders all over the house. Mwwahahahah. I also have Mr Crow and Mr Skull. I love what you did to the place especially the candy sign. Yum!

    • Ada says:

      Hi Lisa, sooo funny how u lovingly bring spiders to help your hubby’s fear against the (hey, u simply want to help him get over his fear, right?!!! Mwwaaahahaha). I think my hubby panics around me on April Fools Day … something to do with my intent to saran wrap the toilet one day. Yeah, I know veeery mature HAHA!

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