Wednesday’s Wink … { Estate Sale Finds! }

I scouted some awesome items in a estate sale recently. Oh, and by awesome I mean …you are selling it for what low price?” .. queue in fainting scene. The above large 36″ square mirror (do you seeee that amazing peacock feather-like detail?) was grabbed at $20.  How much do you think this storage trunk below was sold for? 


We got it for $15 buckaroooos! It is in perfect condition (with ultra detailed carvings!). And this mask ……

Here’s are some closer pics  of the trunk …. doesn’t it look MAGICAL?

Estate sales are EVERYWHERE. I use Estate Sales Net for my sourcing. You simply sign up providing your email and zip code and you get a list of sales near you. The items featured today were all from an estate’s moving sale – a family (very nice couple!) that were moving over seas and basically did not want to ship all their stuff. I grabbed these custom made horsies as well ……. how much for the set of two?


Yep, $10 for BOTH! Hint: for tag/ yard/ flea/ estate sales have low bills ready! Oh, the couple ended up gifting to us the xmas sleigh below (which totally made my hubby’s day … 1) he loved xmas decorations and 2) did I mention it was free?!!!


Oooh, I almost forgot to share … I was emailed that there was a Hollywood movie prop and furniture sale near me for a newly released movie!! Here’s the email:

The movie name is only shared upon arrival, so of course I HAD TO SEE which one it was – turned out it was Hope Springs.  I didn’t buy anything, not much of my style (plus I went on the 2nd day …. so all the goodies were gone). Here I am on the warehouse that house all the props.

Now with this ‘tag sale fever’ that I currently have, I have been thinking … should I start going to more tag sales to start collecting unique items for clients and resell them? Hmmmm, what do you think?

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12 Responses to Wednesday’s Wink … { Estate Sale Finds! }

  1. homestilo says:

    I just went to my first estate sale (also found via the estate sale website you list here) and it was also amazing (will be writing about it soon!) I was seriously thinking that we must have just hit a fluke of a sale. But after seeing your post, I am convinced the next sale should be just as good if not better! Your finds are fantastic by the way.

    • Ada says:

      I luv that the site shows photos!!! Some are so so … especially when you go on day 3 (LAST day when all the goodies r taken), the good in going the last day is that the prices are even LOWER!

      • homestilo says:

        That’s exactly what happened to us, because we went on the last day, the sellers were super open to bargaining. Really can’t wait till the next one.

      • Ada says:

        Yeahhhh for bargains!! My first estate sales EVER I simply got canvas sketch pad which costs about $14.99 and I got it for $1.00, I loooooove estate sales!

  2. Nooooo! Talk about bargain! Love the chest – such a fab piece. I need to find a sale like this in Sweden!

  3. Myra says:

    Spectacular Finds!! Being a big fan of tag sales myself, I think it would be a great idea to continue collecting tag sale items and reselling. You come across many rare, unique finds!

  4. How fun! My jaw dropped when I saw what you paid for that mirror. Thanks so much for that link. I signed up and am looking forward to seeing what’s in my area!

  5. I love the mask and that chest is an amazing find. The mirror definitely has a lot of potential. Such amazing prices, too!

    • Ada says:

      The mask I knew it was DEFINITELY for me to keep, the chest I may gift or resell. And the mirror, I am considering spray painting it w/chrome shiny color…. maybe 🙂

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