Ditch the Woman Cave! Helloooo Women Oasis

story board Chairish - part 2 The stylish vintage furniture store called Chairish had a great storyboard idea - to create a Woman Cave storyboard using their vintage items. Ok, I love the idea, just not the name. Woman Cave … eeek! Like, am I hanging as wall decor the animal skin of the mammoth that I just hunted? Not this gal! Especially since my ‘cave’ would have a gorgeous crystal chandelier. Hmm, ok instead of Woman Cave, let’s call it Woman Oasis.  It would be the place to re-energize, to try new exotic tea flavors, to read a book without interruption, to enjoy popcorn & cotton candy guilt free and sip champagne with female friends. And, and of course to gossip without judgment while keeping our 3 sacred rules:

(1) no boys allowed
(2) what is said in the Oasis, stays in the Oasis
(3) must know the latest secret password phrase to enter (probably candy or drink related <- Oops, I have said to much!)

Check out how I created my Woman Oasis storyboard . . . .

story board Chairish - part 1

All these items, besides gorgeous, are vintage and available for a limited time only - until it get’s scooped up by another fashionable design lover. Storyboard inspired by Charish, created my moi with all my cotton candy cravings. Here’s a link to most of the items with a variety in price, mix of economical and ‘must have’ expensive.

Chandelier | FUN sign | pink pillow | hallywood bar cart | tea set | sofa | agate pillow | pop corn canister 

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