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Things are getting a lil bit back to normal in my neck of the woods after hurricane sandy.  We have hot water today woohoooo! This pot (pic above) was were I was bathing from (carried it to the bathroom) and ooooh how happy I was to have a working stove and large pot handy to heat up water.  I was intending to go today to New York Sports Club who are offering free showers for members and non-members; grateful to have the options!!!! 

When asked how we (hubby and I) are doing, i say the truth …. we are doing well. And we are, …. our power went out, a tree dented our air conditioner (window didn’t crack, phew!), we lost heat, and lost hot water, and we have our health. We turned on our attitude of gratitude reminding ourselves of what we do have.

We heard from one of our neighbors that there was a screaming match between a board member of our co-op and a resident (kinda wished I was there with popcorn hehehe), but really there is NO CONTROL over the situations that most of us were/are in, we simply had/have to make the best of it.  This is the tree that dented our AC (we are grateful that the window did not break phew, and that the noise didn’t give me a heart attack - IT WAS SO LOUD!):

The upside of it ………. we have EXTRA WOOD for our fireplace. I’m not kidding (see first photo, these branches make great fire starters for our logs), hubby took several chunks of the tree to use as logs. We lost heat in all our rooms (bathroom is the brrrry-est) … but we have a portable heater (which I named R2D2 … seriously it looks like it ) + a fireplace.

Even with our fireplace it can get a bit cold so I took matters into my own hands (with a DRILL)! Hubby has been working 12 hour shifts coming home tired (grateful that he is safe as well!). Our living room is open to the foyer so the heat from the fireplace tends to ‘escape’ to the foyer leaving the living room still a bit chilly. So, what’s a decorator to do?

I decided to hang some curtains between the living room and foyer.

1) gathered my Ikea curtain rod + brackets (which I had next to the door since last week to throw out (OMG … thank GOODNESS that I didn’t dispose of them).

2) I placed my armor on! (my safety goggles/eyewear)

3) I drilled holes for the brackets (yikes I ended up making 4 holes instead of 2 for one bracket, oopsie!) Hey, I had a loooong day esp since I was doing laundry and I kept having to climb up and down the ladder for this install.

4) and .. for some delusional reason I thought I wouldn’t’ make too much of a mess. I was wrong!

Finally, I stole curtains from another room, and even though the curtains are sheer, they make a HUGE difference in warming the living room. Yeaaaaah, mission accomplished:

Our foyer is freezing, but our living room (with our fireplace) and bedroom  (with R2D2′s help) is thankfully warm.

I am very grateful for what we do have esp when so many people have lost so much. As much as I want to hop in my car and zoom to the sites where people experienced severe damage to their property, I am afraid to run out of gas when there is a shortage. Thankfully, we are able to help in other ways. This weekend, hub and I did some shopping and this week he’s dropping off the donations. We can all contribute in our own way …. donating, volunteering, and prayers of … love, strength, and unity.  Wishing YOU safety, warmth, and love where you are. (((HUGS))).

(photo credits: Ada’s Interior Design) Every comment is read, appreciated, and loved. To leave a comment scroll down.

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6 Responses to What’s New … { grateful heart, storm update }

  1. Oh Ada. I love your positive attitude (and your boots). I’m so sorry you were hit, but good to hear it wasn’t too bad. What a great idea for keeping the heat in your room. I bet your hubby is glad he married you about now. :)
    I hope you’re back to “normal” soon. I’m thinking about you.

    • Ada says:

      Thanks Lisa ((HUG)), in situations like this it’s good to stay calm and carry on .. even with drill (thank goodness we have electricity that I could use my drill). Hubby is still designated to patch up the wall when we take the curtains off haha.

  2. noreen says:

    ada, good for you! you took the chilly situation, and fixed it using your skills. also, i’m so happy you had a working stove. thanks for the update, and keep on keepin’ on. lights on yet?

    • Ada says:

      Thanks Noreen, we are ecstatic that our stove works (even if it’s with matches). We only lost power one day, so again very grateful …. we get to plug our R2D2 heater, and not have to cook using flashlights. We are going super well.

  3. Nina says:

    I am glad to hear that you have not lost your positive outlook. Hope power will be back soon in your neck of the woods! Big and warm hugs!

  4. Ada says:

    Hi Nina, thanks and hope you stay safe (and warm) in ur hood as well. Our town has volunteers called House Angels (where people offer an extra room in their heated home), we don’t quality since we don’t have heat, but isn’t the volunteerism lovely. Have a beautiful day!

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