DIY witches fingers, vampire fangs, and spider legs

Welcome to my lair, where I concoct my potions this time of the year muahahahaha. I partnered up with Additik to create some unigue (and economical) ghoulishly fun decor using 5 of their re-positionable Halloween potions labels. I used their WITCH FINGERS, VAMPIRE FANGS, BEETLE JUICE, POISON, and SPIDER LEGS labels and attached them to jars, then it was time to hunt down some ingredients …. here spider spider, come a little closer! For the spider legs I used black licorice (the real spiders were too fast, plus that’s gross!). For the rest, well, let me give you a tour.

Welcome to my laboratory! What would you like to get for your potion? Shall I start you off with a poisonous drink?

How about a potion for having fun no matter how tired you may be? I need a dose of that, don’t we all:

1/2 lb of witch fingers (nails included for extra flavor)
1 cup of spider legs
1 tablespoon of vampire fangs

(low calorie not) INGREDIENTS:
1. WITCH FINGERS - used circus peanuts candy for fingers & tootie rolls candy for nails
2. VAMPIRE FANGS - used small marshmallows cut in 1/2
3. BEETLE JUICE - used green jello
4. POISON - used apple dipped into red jello
5. SPIDER LEGS - used black licorice candy
6. labels - from Additik

Witch fingers using tootsie rolls for deliciooooous nails:

Vampire fangs out of marshmallows then dipped in red dye:

7_Ada gonzalez - DIY Halloween craft - candy marshmallow vampire fangs Want some?

Poisoned apple - dipped in red jello, tapped with water then alka seltzer for the fizz . . . .

 Wanna yummy Beetle juice? . . . used tossed green jello.

 I’ve seen potion labels at my local crafts stores, but once it’s attached (used) it becomes a throw away, unlike Additiks label - they are awesomely re-positionable so once my potion shop closes for the season, I can store them for next year. They do work best on flat surfaces, round jars is totally fine but best if it doesn’t have a raised surface so it can adhere better. For this shoot below I simply added red dye into plain water. Easy (ghoulishly) breezy, right?! I bet you can find something in your pantry or fridge to set out as decor for this Halloween.

 Want some worms for lunch?

At this time I would like to thank Sergio the spider for all his help in recruiting this peeps for this photo shoot, Wilma and Wonka for bringing their sliminess onto the set, Additik for creating cool labels and offering this DIY project, and my hubby for helping me zoom everywhere to get the ingredients.  No real beetles were hurt in this post. This is a collaboration post, everything except for the labels were sourced/concocted for this post by me. I hope you enjoyed it. Ooooooooh, stay tuned tomorrow where I will show you how I created the poison apple. This week I will also show you how to create mummy franks for Halloween day (they turned out adorable!) // Post in partnership with Additik, all potions concocted by me (muahaha).

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2 Responses to DIY witches fingers, vampire fangs, and spider legs

  1. Antonio says:

    They all looks amazining, I love the witches fingers

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