Time to hide that UGLY metal frame!

Ever had a home project idea that you wished to get started, then you blink and a year has passed by? Well my bathroom’s window “what-to-do” is one of those!  You see, we love our 2″ wood window blinds but the oh-so-ugly metal top frame is visible (see pic below)…

. . . and it doesn’t even fit into the window frame (no matter how non-gently we hammer and kick it). The time came for me to tackle the project …. aaaaah (visualize clouds parting).  I was determined to add a fabric valance economically!. Custom valances (where you pick their fabric) for a small window cost about $300+  (not including delivery + labor), and custom made valances (you choose whichever fabric your heart loves) cost about $650+. Yep, ouch!

My project mission: “NOT TO BUY A CUSTOM VALANCE and create (DIY) my own”.

Then I got greedy, I alsoooo wanted to be able to change it seasonally. Whaaaat? Yeah, I often have ideas where I have no clue how I am going to make it happen.  What I did know is that I needed to  ….

1. buy wood plank
2. buy fabric (seasonal ones)
3. buy batting or foam
4. dust off my staple gun
5. search hardware ideas to mount to wall
6. recruit hubby (since bathroom wall is cement - aka: pain in the arse to drill through)

So, caffeinated cup in one hand and internet searching with the other I designed my plan and got started. I mosey’d on over to Home Depot to pick out the wood, and chose one that already had the approx height that I wanted (I wanted 10″, they had 9.5″ .. works for me!). I had the saw machine worker cut the length I wanted 33″ long. And it cost ONLY $8.52 (wohoooooo!) for material + cut.

Then it was time to HUNT DOWN some fabric. I fell in love with this black + white chevron design  + THE PRICE ….

…. I only needed 1/2 a yard so the cost came to about $2.99 (can I get an amen to savings? ameeeen!).  However, it wasn’t an outdoor fabric, crap (which keep moisture from seeping through the fabric = mildew). Very important in a bathroom (moisture’s hang out spot). Yikes, what to do? I loooove the fabric, I-muuust-have-it. There is no panicking in decorating, like their is no crying in baseball (movie clip here). I have to brainstorm a solution. And I did. Hello Scotch Gard water shield, fancy meeting you at Jo-Anns.

I will show you more this week (promise) on all the steps I took for making my fashionably modern bathroom valance. In the meantime, here’s a quick peek at the turn out. Oooh, btw - you should wear shoes when climbing a ladder (not like I did below), for a steadier balance.

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2 Responses to Time to hide that UGLY metal frame!

  1. antonio says:

    That looks great. You really make these jobs look fun.

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