What’s new …. { our 18″ cool gray pillow }

Our new ‘pocket of love’ pillow cover design is up for sale now at our hellooo home store! Here’s a close up of the pocket … perfect fit for a Kindle, Kobo, Nook ….


How’s your weekend starting off? Yesterday was my birthday which was filled with laughter, flowers, yuuummmy cake, GREAT food, and presents … including this present that I gave to myself - these mega high heels below …. isn’t it gorgeous? I love the fresh vibrant color and I felt no guilt buying them in my birthday ‘month’ ….  yep in our fam the entire month is a bday celebration!!!!:

A top present that I received was a Swiss Army camera bag .. the best part is that I had spotted it at a store one day with my hubby and I mentioned how GREAT the color was and it would be perfect for my camera and that I would buy it another day. Well, my hubby has the BEST memory ever … bec. I forgot and he remembered. I looooove the bag!!!!:

Ooooh ….. today’s post is about our new pillow cover so let me get back to that now! Have you seen all 4 designs at hellooo home store? I wanted our theme-line of ‘pocket of love’ hearts to be kinda interactive .. like for adding tissues (if you have the sniffles), adding a small book, or it could be bedtime for a stuffed toy …. like cookie monster (thanks Evelisa for bringing over the blue cookie-monster prop!!):


Hello cookie monster:

For our garment labels, we are still brain storming on the location … on the back ooooor the side of the pillow?? We may make future pillows with the labels on the side for an even more professional finished look:

I would love to know ….. What would you add to the heart pocket?

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7 Responses to What’s new …. { our 18″ cool gray pillow }

  1. homestilo says:

    Happy Belated BDay Ada! (those really are gorgeous shoes)

  2. Happy Birthday! So glad you had a fun one. I love those shoes and your camera bag. What a nice husband to remember what you wanted. Are you taking custom orders on your pillow cases? Would you ever consider making the heart a different color or is the red your trademark?

    • Ada says:

      Yeah, he has an amazing memory!! At this time, we r nto taking custom orders, but will be one day. For now the heart stays classic … the classic red for love :)

  3. What a FAB pillow! I think i would need one for every member of my family - my baby - for her dummy, my 3 year old for her favourite dolly ‘Minnie’ (and one day for the tooth fairy!) and my husband for reminding him that I too would love presents like this camera bag :) . Have a lovely weekend!

    • Ada says:

      Glad u find the pillow fabulous (yeeeaaaah!). We also have different designs/colors. Have fun choosing which one to buy :)

  4. Nina says:

    Happy belated Birthday! Great gifts, love the shoes although I can barely walk in heels ;)

    Like the new pillow. Cookie monster looks like he feels right at home…

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