What’s New … { new biz cards arrived! silhouette }

I’m soooo excited about our new business cards!!! (Almost tackled the UPS guy when he delivered .. ATTACK!)

I have been wanting to get a ‘show and tell‘ type of biz cards, so the card doesn’t just display (tell) what we do but shows some of my interior decorating designs. With the help of Moo (I loooooove them!) we now have new business cards. Did I mention that I am in looove with Moo? .. their print quality, their paper thickness, their design selection, their quick delivery, aaaand … this is where whey stole my heart ….. their freaking ECONOMICAL prices!!!!! Yep, that is me in the card design with a shark (chalkboard) decal swimming above me:

Moo also sells mini biz cards, which I am not a fan of bec as CUTE as they are they tend to get lost in wallets (like my socks in my washing machine). Below is one of my assistant’s new card … showing her at a job site as well. Do you recognize the project? (go here to view pics of the project):

I used to create + print my own biz cards using Avery Business Card Stock paper, which was ‘ok’, especially since the card edges were very sharp, I had the freedom to upload any images all nilly willy, and print when I needed more; but my printer didn’t do the colors justice. Below is a pic of my old biz card (colors a bit faded).

Ooooh, check this out …. the beauty we see when at peace! I started meditating again (meditation is my anchor when I start feeling overwhelmed with list of I have to do this and that and this etc.). Have you ever had that feeling? Like you are treading water trying to stay afloat. Like the end of the night comes and you wondered where the time went.

Well, when I meditate, my life becomes much more peaceful, it doesn’t mean that life around me becomes less hectic, it means I deal with it better and with the stillness felt from my meditation I see things that when my mind is racing I do not get to see or enjoy … like a bunny rabbit hopping up the hill as I went towards my car this morn, seeing 2 pure white butterflies playing near me, making time to chat with friends, or being in my office turning my head to the right and for some reason looking up and seeing my silhouette. Do you see it below?


I thought it was the coolest thing. An happenstance picturesque moment .. the sun reflected the opposite wall/window showing shadows of me, the lemon tree I have in my office (which I am so obsessively caring for!!) , and my colored pencils/paint brushes NEXT TO my black fabric framed mirror with the letters B E L I E V E shining! What do I see in the photo? … A gentle reminder to believe that even then things are crazy hectic, that everything will be all right. Peace…..

.. and happy weekend!

(photo credits: Ada’s Interior Design ) Every comment is read, appreciated, and loved. To leave a comment please scroll down!

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3 Responses to What’s New … { new biz cards arrived! silhouette }

  1. Great business cards!! So exciting! I love the little box they’re in too. Have a lovely weekend / Niki

  2. I love your business cards. Is that your office on the card in the second pic. It’s a beautiful room.

  3. homestilo says:

    Glad you found something at Moo to make you happy!

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