What’s new … { my address stamp with LOVE }

Hi ya’ll, how’s your weekend coming along? I want to share the address stamp I created for our hellooohome etsy shop, designed by meeee:


I knew I wanted an address stamp, but I didn’t see any online that fit the style or look or size (urgghh!) that I was aiming for, BUT i did find a wonderful store called rubberstamp.net that allowed me to send them an image of the logo/text and they would make it for me … yeeeeeah ..  I fell in love! So, I had the store to produce the stamp, now it was time to create the design …. photoshop to the rescuuuueeee. I wanted a stamp that people would smile when seeing it (one that felt like love, because we design our pillowcases with love!!!), so I added the word love, then moved it diagonal to make it stamp out more (see box anchor below) … and of course I had to add the iconic symbol of love = the heart shape:

I was also able to order red ink pad and black for about $7. Ooooh, I almost forgot to mention that the large custom stamp cost was only $24.95!!! Yep, that’s it … did you faint yet?

If you have looked for address stamps you would know that $24.95 is an OMG great price!!! Here’s a closer view … do you like my design?:

We stamp the tissue paper that we use to wrap our pillow covers and the packaging:

So, whatchathink? Do you use address labels or ink stamps? I love the vintage-look the stamp gives.

Have a beauuuuutiful weekend!!! Oooh, I will be in ‘class’ this weekend … so excited!!! It’s a class to learn more about blogging and photography hosted by the beautiful Holly Becker from Decor8 and Leslie Shewring from A Creative Mint. I am soo giddy with excitement!! Eeeek!


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8 Responses to What’s new … { my address stamp with LOVE }

  1. Sooo cute. I love that you stamp the paper and packaging. Such a nice touch. I’ve also liked when the Etsy seller sends a handwritten note. It makes me feel special.

  2. Michelle says:

    That looks great! And a surprisingly affordable price. I think I should get one for myself.

  3. Nina says:

    Very cute Ada! Love to open up nice packaged things.

  4. Super cute stamp! This would work great for anything….save the dates perhaps? Oh, you know you’ll have to share some things from class, well if you can :) how exciting to spend time with holly and Leslie!

    • Ada says:

      Glad u like the stamp (I am proud that I designed it myself) :) Yeah, Holly and Leslie are 2 cool cats! They r very sweet and brilliant!

  5. Theresa says:

    You’re custom stamp came out really great, Ada. It is a great price! I once had to design a custom embossing stamp. That was a lot of fun and I loved the final result. Thanks for including the vendor information in this post. If ever the need arises, I will now have a reliable resource for stamps.

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