What’s new . . . { I received a ‘Liebster’ Award }


Sooo, what’s new? I received a Liebster Blog award (woohoooo!!). It came from lovely Nina, owner of No.40 blog (thank YOU Nina … big HUG!!).




In case you are wondering (as I was at one time!) … ‘what on earth is a Liebster’, Nina (who is German as well) explains that ‘Liebster’ is the German word for beloved/dear/favorite.

Ooooh, what a pretty word it has become to me. I love it!, and so much that I am going to try to incorporate it into my vocabulary … maybe even at dinner time today (I can already see my hubby’s confused face when I say/use the word). Here’s a bit of more scoop on the Liebster Blog award:

The Liebster Blog award is passed from one blog to the other to honor your favorite, smaller blogs (ones with less than 200 followers) and once chosen, you get to give the award to 5 of your Liebster (Oooh, did you see? I am already using the word in my vocab – yeah!) blogs.

So now I get the honor to nominate my five favorites (oooh so dear blogs). Ladies you are an inspiration…… 

Santa, owner of homestilio
Noreen, owner of Beauty of Everyday Life
Lisa, owner of Cozy Condo Living
Theresa, owner of Inspiration Cooperative
Michelle, owner of Viva Revival

Liebster blog ladies, I hope you make some time to share the love, I am looking forward to seeing which 5 blogs you give the Liebster Blog Award to. 

Next week I am going to try to carve some time to show you how I keep track of blogs that I Liebster (there I go again, showing off my German vocab!, Hmm, I wonder what is the German word for lobster?). Oh, on our hellohome store we received a new fabric … here’s a peekaboo:

I chose it because it goes soooo well with this pillow cover color that we are selling at hellohome :

Oooh, pssssst, secret time, come clooooser … I have some behind the scene scoop:  the ‘pocket of love’ heart for this new fabric design will be in the back (yep, a ‘secret pocket of love‘ in the back). Say waaa? Ok, here is my why: I love the decision to place some hearts on the back bec I visualize customers picking them up from their sofa as they sit down after a long day at work and being reminded when they see the red heart pocket that … they are loved! That’s my why full of xoxox! So, do you like the new fabric design color? Have a GREAT weekend!!!

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10 Responses to What’s new . . . { I received a ‘Liebster’ Award }

  1. homestilo says:

    Awww- thank you for the award & congratulations on yours. Can’t wait to see what you are doing with that fabric!

  2. Nina says:

    Great to see that you are spreading the love too! I love your new fabric! Very cute! Btw the german word for lobster is Hummer 😉

    Have a great start into the new week!

  3. Thank you so much for the Liebster award. Very cool. And congrats on your award. You have been so supportive of my blog which is much appreciated!!!!

  4. wow, ada, i’m very surprised and happy. thank you! congratulations on your award. i’m so happy to know you and your fine work. joy and blessings to you!

  5. Michelle says:

    Thank you Ada! I’m so honored that you would think of me. 🙂

  6. Theresa says:

    Congratulations on receiving a Liebster! It’s well deserved. Thank you for your kind words and passing the award onto little ol’ me. I recently received one so now I’m feeling double the love! Thanks, Ada!

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