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Happy Saturday!! Last Saturday I was on a plane to Puerto Rico with my husband and mom to visit/say goodbye to my sick aunt. It was bitter sweet filled with sad tears knowing she will be leaving us and joyous laughter remembering fun times filled with laughter. How do I keep my peace? I meditate … here’s a peek of the beach that I did my yoga/meditation (my paparazzi [hubby] took the picture):

I aim to surround myself with positive thoughts and images, cry when I want to then shake it off when I am done. We stayed at a hotel 15 minutes from aunt’s home which was already packed with relatives. Hubby choose the perfect place - Hyatt in the town to Dorado = it was definitely the peaceful getaway I needed to take on what was happening. This was my view after hours of my heart feeling so heavy, it gave me the serenity of acceptance and peace.


Oh dear blog friends, in case you don’t know I turn to muuush when it comes to death (I STILL CRY when watching the movie Finding Nemo in the start of the movie when we realize that the mother is gone (yes I knooow it’s only animation, but still!). So a balance of serenity was def needed in this trip. And we got it, today’s post shares some fun pics (including me karate chopping some waves!).

My aunt’s town is the same as my grandmother’s which is were I visited OFTEN when I was a child - wonderful fun memories at my favorite beach (that was just about 7 minutes away from grandma’s home). Hubby, mom, and I drove to see how it currently looks and I fell in love with it all over again, the beach has 2 of my fave land reefs (one which I call the kiddie pool and the other has deeper water so it’s referred to as the grown up area). Here’s a pic I took of it, water was perfectly warm. There were people in the water but not next to the rocks (which is why the beach looks empty below):

I was in a bit of a fog so I didn’t take many pics of the other side where the sunbathers lounged, plus I got soooo distracted by what I saw next.

I spotted a family that was just settling into their sunbathing spot when I saw they were accompanied by …. WTFudge? Is that a mirage?

It wasn’t a black small dog that the 10 year oldish child just placed in the sand it was ….(note: I am sooo NOT making this up!) …. it was a black small adorable pig. Again, WTFudgeCoolness …. as soon as I realized that it wasn’t a mirage, my jaw dropped, a smile emerged, and hubby saw his wife practically skipping like a 5 year old towards the adorable piggie!!!! With permission to pet it, I was gleefully playing with a pig in a beach. His name was Midnight (cute huh!). Did we take pictures? Nooooo, booo hoooo. We were all caught in the moment that we didn’t think about it.

If that isn’t crazy enough, the next day hubby spent time fishing 2 huge live crabs that had stumbled into the pool after a rainstorm. Did we take pics of it? Nooo (#@%!). I was so worried about getting the crabs out of the chlorine and throwing sandals (tools) for hubby to fish the crabs out that I totally forgot to take pics AGAIN.

Pig playing at a beach, and crabs swimming in the pool are words that I never though would make a sentence (a non-fictional one). But it was strange and fun that way = memorable days in many ways.

Isn’t the tree below just GORGEOUS??? It reminds me of the tree in Avatar. The Tree of Life … in Puerto Rico? Maybe!!! Haha!

Below are a few unique mailboxes that I took photos of. Aren’t they fun looking? There is so much unique beauty around us that no matter what kind of day you are having - your soul constantly reminds your face to smile.  It’s up to us to tune in to our heart’s (soul’s) message.

Back to the beach to de-stress: 


Since it’s an off season in PR, the hotel wasn’t very crowded, which meant that the beach seemed reserved just for us. I dragged some chairs to the shoreline to feel the waves … and OH BOY DID I GET WAVES, see pics that hubby (a bit TOOOOO happily) took:

I almost drowned (in waves and laughter):

We came back to NY on Tuesday (mom is still in PR) and I got back to work on Wed (heading to meet a client in Manhattan to review their contractors steps for implementing the design I created), but the week still felt a bit “off”. Do you know what I mean by ‘off’? Such as:

* I almost walked out of my home with my black bathrobe instead of my black shawl —> in my defense, the fabric is very similar (really!)
* I explained to a client that the ottoman doesn’t have ‘coasters’ meaning to say ‘casters’ - wheels  —> OMG, embarrassing!
* I almost (ok, I did a little) applied eyebrow liner to my lips thinking it was my lip liner —> that goodness for the invention of mirrors.

Do you get days like that? This week was also filled with intense training of my new design intern (soo many details to teach) which means that when I am training, I am not designing during the day, but focusing on teaching while managing to still place orders for clients, and working late creating designs and catching up. My mission this weekend - R&R! Rest and Relaxation so I can embrace a fun and productive work week (which I am sincerely looking forward to all being back to normal). Have a wooooonderful weekend!!! Hugs!

(photo credits: Ada’s Interior Design) Every comment is read, appreciated, and loved. To leave a comment scroll down.

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4 Responses to What’s New . . . { bitter sweet travel }

  1. I’m so sorry that your aunt is sick. It sounds like you have healthy coping skills and are embracing life. I loved the description of you running to the little pig and saving the crabs.

    • Ada says:

      Thanks Lisa ((hug))! I’m still kicking myself that we didn’t take pics of the piggie and crab .. almost too crazy to be true! oooh, well .. all practice of accenting things that we can’t change (darn!) :)

  2. homestilo says:

    Ada, I’m so sorry to hear about your aunt. We recently lost my grandmother, and I know that no matter how prepared you think you are, it isn’t easy. I’m glad you were able to destress and spend time with family.

    • Ada says:

      Thanks Santa, and sorry to hear about your grandmother .. wishing you peace of mind and heart in your loss (((hug))). Whenever I start feeling sad about it, I (try to) turn to good/fun memories.

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