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Above are some pretty hydrangea's from my garden! Isn't the color simply goooorgeous? (This is just a photo peek of my garden…come back on Monday (our Monday’s Make-it column) to see more photos – showing how hubby and I are decorating our garden. 

love my garden and want to make sure all my plants and flowers stay beautiful + healthy throughout the season! I think organic soil is the way to go and have been introduced to Whitney Farms organic plant food to grow beautiful flowers and tasty veggies (yum!). Have you heard of them? 

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When I was reading up about Whitney Farms, I saw that they advertised no manure odor! (hallelujaaaah!!) That itself is a win for me but they also use 100% natural plant food, nothing artificial, no additives, just natural ingredients from the Earth. How cool! They have many types of organic treats for your garden, below is their all purpose plant food!

Organic Plant Food

Have you tried Whitney Farms® ? Click on the link to receive a $3 off coupon for Whitney Farms® organic plant foods + soil products!(And psstt.. don't forget to come back Monday to see more pics of my garden!) 


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  1. noreen says:

    hello ada, thank you for the recommendation. i had not heard of them before, and like everything organic for my garden. happy weekend!

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