Weekend photos …{color collage + my wrist warmer}

Today’s color story collage is inspired by a gift I recently gave myself - beautiful gloves (aka: wrist warmers) with a crocheted flower.

The wrist warmer is beautifully sewned by Teresa from Tempo Designs in Wisconsin. Not only are the gloves extremely beautiful (the color, the rosette design, the buttons to match perfectly …. so much attention to detail .. I love it!), but the presentation is beautiful as well …. the gloves were wrapped with a card, wash care message, and a red ribbon - shows me that they were designed with care and love - very lovely! See my photos below:

I purchased them to use when I am on the road and need to do some work at a coffee shop with my laptop … some coffee shops get brrrr. Tempo Designs have more colors of the wrist warmers (plus neckwarmers, booties, hats, dishcloths), so do stop by Teresa’s shop here. Below is another view of my color collage for today. Have a beautiful weekend!!!!

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2 Responses to Weekend photos …{color collage + my wrist warmer}

  1. Lucy says:

    OMG! So cute. Love the color and the flower. These would make a fabulous handmade gift.

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