Weekend photos … {color board + ice storm}

My invite to Architectural Digest Home Design Showarrived in the mail (yay!!) - free to those in the design industry (double yay!!). So time to get my shoes ready for the event  - no, not wearing high heels .. the place is HUGE .. so this gal will need her flat shoes to stroll through the event drooling over the new innovative designs. Today’s color story is inspired by the Architectural Digest Home Design Show invite postcard + the ice storm we had in New York this year. I took several photos during the storm documenting the beauty ‘i” saw within the ice, but 1st here’s the color story collage:

Did you spot the invite?

Here’s the beauty I spotted as I looked beyond the ice:

Of course this doesn’t mean that I am not ready for Spring! Bring it … I am sooo ready for the warm weather to arrive, how about you?

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