Weekend Color Story … { subway train dressed + gift tags )

Hola! Today’s weekend color story is inspired by NYC’s Shuttle subway cars (I’ll reveal pics soon). But 1st, did you notice the orange gift tags below? I LOVE the design on the tags. Pssst, they are cut from the back of a frozen dinner container box. Say what????

Check out the INSIDE of this Healthy Choice Cafe Steamer box below. I love the pop of orange color and design so … I hunted down my scissors and … snip .. snip .. snip I went to create several gift tags. 

Healthy lunch + unique tags … haha! Here are a few more styling pics:

Ready to see how NYC’s subway cars INSPIRED today’s color story?  If you have never seen NYC’s subway S (shuttle) train you will be soon (today and in the next few weeks) …. bec. I have been taking photos of the Shuttle service train when they are ‘dressed’. Huuuh? The S (Shuttle) line has been dressed with the coolest advertisement lately. Not simply poster advertisement but the ENTIRE train .. including the doors and ceiling! I find it very COOL! Here’s the ‘subtle’ advertisement wrap for HGTV … yes, that is a DRESSER on the door:

Check out the fireplace: By the way, these trains are functional (they take us from Time Square to Grand Central and back) and are usually VERY crowded, I simply took the photos at a non-rush hour time and after people got off the train. I remember walking inside it and thinking WOW. Don’tcha want to reach for this yellow pillow. See the vent under it?

Here is another photo of the color story I styled inspired by the colors in the Shuttle train (yellow, orange, green):
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  1. Mary McCurdy says:

    Very cool. You take beautiful pictures Ada. And your color stories are so inspiring.

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