Weekend Color Story … {San Francisco trip | Part 2}

Hi again! Today’s color story is inspired by more photos from my recent trip to San Francisco, California. After the color story board you will see more of my trip pics - but be forewarned .. they are A LOT (pictures on the beach, seaplane tour, sea lions cutie-pies, bath ruins, etc.) so you may want to go grab some popcorn, do some stretches, or grab your coffee/tea before you view further.

 Ready? Here I am … I fiqured I would reach the water FASTER if I ran (or else I would pass out slow walking midway):

See the cliffs above, we climbed (um, ok took the stairs from there) - though climbing does sound more interesting huh?!

Sooooo many beaches along the coast (we went beach hopping while cruising in our rental car). Our flight didn’t leave until 11:55pm, and our hotel check-out time was 1pm so we had pleeeeenty on time to go cruising. Plus hubby fell in love with our rental car (the latest model of the Camaro).

Yep, below are parasailors, parasailer, parasurfers? .. um, those people on the surf boards with sails! There were so many! I felt weird just staring at them in awe (I am amazed by how they even FIT into their sardine suits), so we moved on to our next venture.

Here we are at Fisherman’s Wharf pier. Can you spot Rikers Island behind us?

Now aren’t these seal (sea lions??) the cutest!!!!! I wanted to hug them! Though I don’t think they would appreciate that. Did you spot the one striking a pose for the cameras (such a cutie pie diva) ….  

Now, below was one of MY FAVORITE ventures in San Fran …. a tour via a seaplane. I soooo want to learn how to fly. The yellow color of the plane watched my yellow bag .. we were a perfect match (a sign that I should def get flying lessons … hmmm, do I hear a calling!!!!), hubby matches me too :  )

Here’s the take off:

Amazing views: Can you tell how excited we are?:


View of Golden Gate Bridge from above. I loved seeing the clouds outside the window sooo fluffy!!!:

Coming down for the landing which btw was sooooo smooth! Did I tell u I want to take flying lessons? Don’t I look like a pilot already?:

Some days got VERY windy, yet we had beautiful blue skies ……

This is my hair being scared from nearing the cliff:

See the cliff below? Ok, it maaay not look scary here BUT it was in person (really!!!):

Ok, here’s is my hubby’s new fav car (the same model as Bumble Bee car in the movie Transformers). I drove it a lil and it does pick up nicely zoooom zoooom!!

More cruising the last day of our stay:

Yep, lots of curvy roads (hubby took the wheel and I joyfully took photos):

Yep … a LAMA staring at us. I think it was aiming to spit at us:

We parked and strolled over to the Sutra Baths. Not sure what this pole was doing nearby (didn’t fit with the decor, but I ‘had to’ take a photo … it was smiling at me): Here’s the Sutro Bath ruins - which used to be a swimming pool(ssss) - 7 in total (with fresh water + salt water and with different temperatures). Site was built in 1896 by Adolf Sutro (a very weathy man and once a mayor of San Fran). I don’t want to make this post longer than it is (you may need to refill on your coffee/tea) so for more info on the beautiful ruins go here.   And here are more photos: We walked soooooo (breath) ooooooo (another breath) ooo much on our trip. We are really beach bums so this was an intense mini-get-a-way for us. But we LOVED it!!! And I hope you enjoyed our tour. And we already started working out (stretching our muscles and dieting) for our vacation coming up in July - were we are heading to Europe (Spain, then Italy).

Here is another peek at today’s Color Story below - inspired by my San Fran pics. Do you like?  

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