Our wedding photos!

Yep, that is me … on the ladder about to dive into a lagoon in my wedding dress. But 1st, let’s remind. Hubby and I were married in Kauai, Hawaii (a very private ceremony on the beach), it was MAGICAL! A fairy-tale come true.

Did you spot the ‘I Love You‘ rock from my hubby (then known as ‘the groom’)? I spotted the secret love note as I was walking through the beautiful path of trees heading to the aisle, before I could see anyone in the ceremony. I had to hold back tears of joy. (pssst, yes, I stuffed it into my suitcase). My mom is the one in the blue Hawaiian dress, holding back joyous tears as Patrick and I kissed her at the same time. After the beach ceremony we went into our limo and headed to a beautiful waterfall for a waterfight.

Yep, into the water we went to reach the waterfall, climb the HUGE rocks, pose for photos, then waterfight!!!!


We honeymooned in Tahiti and Bora Bora. I usually get gasps from people when I mention that I swam with my wedding dress. But that’s ‘me’, a gal that loves to have fun with a fairy tale optimism.  I’m blessed to have a partner who loves me and my crazy ideas (like jumping in the lagoon with our wedding attire on!). The photos in Hawaii were by a professional photographer, but in Bora Bora we took the photos ourselves using my Nikon. Ready, set, shoot / jump:

Ok, my turn ….

Oh, by the way, this is how I ALWAYS dive into water .. holding my nose … nope, not elegant at all …. (but it’s my survival mode haha). The water was about 10′ deep.

This photo below get’s me a bit emotional bec if you look at the waves closely you will notice a heart shape. Done unintentionally. Fairy tale magic! 

The water was perfect for the photoshoot …. the day was fun, relaxing, and blissful. The great part .. it was me and my hubby … no one else taking the photos .. just us having fun and in love.

Now below is one on my FAVORITE photo taken by the photographer in Hawaii as we walked to the waterfall. I love the symbolism I see within the photo =  showing 2 paths (on the left and right side). It reminds me that the choices we make leads us to particular paths .. and authentic living leads us to a path of happiness.

What do you think of our wedding photos and my wedding dress? … only $399 (David’s Bridal). I wanted an economical dress because (1) that’s how I roll (I looove discounts hence building a company that offers economical decorating solutions) and (2) bec it was a beach wedding where we would be traveling to the waterfall and more. Don’t you think my dress looks like waves??!!. Get it? .. beach theme wedding = waves = meant to be, right! I am def not the type of gal that wanted to spend a lot on the dress, to me an expensive dress doesn’t define my happiness. Similar to my interior decorating services philosophy - expensive furniture items doesn’t make a room beautiful but surrounding yourself with items you love that make you smile and brings comfort does.

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19 Responses to Our wedding photos!

  1. uche says:

    love your colour story and your wedding pics…cheers

  2. Ada says:

    Thank you! Glad u love it! :)

  3. homestilo says:

    Ada you look absolutely and radiantly beautiful in these images! I love the idea of getting in the water with your dress and those pictures look professionally done.
    ALSO I couldn’t believe it either, but I got my dress from the same store at the same price (because, like you, I was not trying to break the bank with my dress) (our wedding was in Sevilla)

    • Ada says:

      wedding in sevilla spain sounds wonderful!!! Where r the photos ? :) I fell in love with my dress the first time I saw it, I managed to try on others (that cost more) but I kept going back to this one … it was love at first sight (of seeing myself in it).

  4. Antonio says:

    Love the pictures of the wedding. That looks like the perfect wedding/honeymoon.

  5. anastasia says:

    what amazing photos Ada!! you look gorgeous and i love how fun the pics look!!!

  6. Doooooh my goodness, these photos are just the best! I love that your fun, spontaneous personality shines right through the photos. You’re so brave to jump in the water all dolled up! My husband and I ended up going to Hawaii for our honeymoon…best choice ever!

    Anyway, I’m so happy for you and your husband. :) Thanks for sharing!

  7. Tracey Clem says:

    Ada, so great to meet you yesterday at Emily’s!! Your blog is fantastic!! Can’t wait to explore more!! And had to say how much I LOVE your wedding pics - particularly the Tahiti pics. My husband and I honeymooned in Bora Bora too!! Breathtaking!

    Have a great week!

    • Ada says:

      Hi Tracey! Long time no chat :) Glad to have met you as well. Yaaay, another couple that went to Bora Bora as well! How wonderful! I’ll peek at you r blog soon.

  8. the i love you rock story got me a little misty, how sweet! and i love your spirit. everyone should jump in the water with their wedding dress on it makes gorgeous photos. though, i don’t know, you look especially beautiful. so so pretty!

    • Ada says:

      aw, thanks Christine! It was FUN swimming with my weeding dress. It was fun splish splashing water at each other by the waterfall too <- that's when my wedding dress got muddy, but no big deal … fun was our priority.

  9. Rebecca says:

    Thanks for sharing your gorgeous wedding photos and taking us with you on your special day (since I’ll probably never make it to Hawaii because of my fear of flying). Great story telling. I truly appreciate your love for life.

  10. Ada says:

    Aww, how sweet of you to say so Rebecca, thank you. Glad to have been able to bring you along! Fear of flying yikes … well, maybe u will enjoy viewing (the total safe way) our pics of our seaplane tour in San Francisco and our helicopter tour in Hawaii. Happy to bring you along:

  11. Anna Martino says:

    Hi Ada ,
    This is your new design friend Anna. I wanted to check out your page.. I Love it…OMG.. what fantastic pictures… I can see why you and are going to share some Great Designs together. Especially for you! Have a great day, I want to finish looking at your site !

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