Wednesday’s Wink . . . wallpaper samples peek (2of2)

Below are a few more wallpaper samples that I have in my office….. wallpaper + my camera = photoshoot for you! I .. well, actually … my feet …are very glad to be working from the office today, yesterday was filled with 2 client meetings in the morning and I was wearing my high heels all day trekking through ‘rainy’ Manhattan, then more travel outside NYC. However, it was a productive day … so allll good! Here’s the wallpaper peek for today’s post:

I love that wallpaper is BACK in style yeaaaahhh! They can be a bit expensive, so the ‘economical solution’ would be to paste the beautiful paper that you fall in love with in ONE wall instead of throughout your room (you use less paper = save mooolah). The first wall paper sample above is called Damask-Aubergine (purple) is a textured vinyl-washable wall paper from Graham & Brown . The second wall paper sample called the Sueded Large Trellis (Gray) can be found at the Wall Paper Company – it is a classic non woven wall paper. The third sample is also from Graham & Brown and is the Spa Pastel Vinyl -Washable wall paper sample. Lastly is the small Damask (blue) wall paper sample from The Wall Paper Company – it too is a classic non-woven wall paper. Rememeber to always get samples 1st of wallpaper before you place a large order. Have a beautiful day!

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2 Responses to Wednesday’s Wink . . . wallpaper samples peek (2of2)

  1. Michaela says:

    These are great, thanks for sharing! Damask equals pure glamor. I’m one click away from ordering MY samples…

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