Wednesday’s Wink … {VivaTerra}

What do you think of these stones/rocks below? I am completed fascinated by them! … bec they are actually seats/ottomans made from felt wool. They are from South African textile designer Ronel Jordaan, sold at Viva Terra, and described as soft yet buoyant. I think a set of 2 would be great in my home … in front of my fireplace for lovely nights chatting by the warmth of the firelogs.  The price is a bit pricey for the size I would love to get .. but I am definitely keeping an eye on any sales from Viva Terra. I am adding below a few more items from Viva Terra so you can see how wonderful this store is.  

I love the open concept style of the desk lamp below and a cool fact about this coffee table below ….. it is created from reclaimed railroad ties (made from teak, pine, and ironwood). I purchased a set about a year ago for one of my full service clients and they loved it.

The basket below reminds me that this is the year that I will eat healthier and buy more from our local farmers market (healthier me heeeeere I come). I love how the baskets have a hint of color which would serve as a wonderful little splash of color in a home = dual functional basket (holds items + decorates our homes = dual coolness!). Did you spot the bag yet? It reminds me of a fun flirty short skirt (dare I wear a short skirt? No way … instead I’ll stick to buying the bag or one similar). Have a fun flirty day today!!! 

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4 Responses to Wednesday’s Wink … {VivaTerra}

  1. Victoria says:

    all such fun items! I love the bag- definitely looks like a super flirty skirt! And for fresh local foods - you should check out the farmers market in union square, sooooo many yummy (and inexpensive items!) plus I know there are a few good coffee shops nearby :)

  2. Ada says:

    Glad u like the items + flirty skirty-bag :) There is a shop called the Coffee Shop (you can’t miss the sign .. u probably spotted it already) .. well at night (if it is still there) … you go to the back of the coffee shop restaurant and there are stairs leading down to a ooh la la romantic cool lounge with fireplace, great chic decor, and yummy drinks. Have a GREAT day!

  3. OMG! I love those stone/rock seats. Those are fantastic. I have been wanting to just put a stack of stones somewhere in the house, but these are amazing. I love seeing cairns on a hiking trail, there’s just something spiritual about it to me.

    • Ada says:

      Glad u love the stone rocks seats .. if u buy any I hope u share photos with us. I will do the same :) Price still a bit pricey but sooo unique!!

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