Wednesday’s Wink … vintage frames, floral pillows, jewelry

Can you believe I still haven’t packed and I am flying out tomorrow to San Fran California??? I do tend to leave packing to laaaast minute. Plus, I plan to buy some cool stuff other there so I shouldn’t fill my suitcase to much, right!?!!It’s great to change our living room’s decorative pillows every season to give our rooms a quick fresh look from the previous season, and what better way than adding some Spring flowers to your living room (psst … and bedroom). I spotted these lovely design from De De Etsy shop located in Michigan …. they are made from linen and wool felt. 

Below designs are from Tamar Schechner who studied at Parson School of Design in NYC and now lives in Vermont. Her collection can genuinely be described as purely pretty. The kind of ’pretty’ that draws a calming serene feel. Do you see what I mean? Check out these design below:   Here are some great vintage items from Jennifer Hardin’s shop called Coveylee Decor in Texas. If you are looking for some shabby chic decor then check out Jennifer’s shop. Here are some of my fav items from her collection:

(photo credits: De De Etsy shop, Tamar, Coveylee Decor) Every comment is read, appreciated, and loved. To leave a comment scroll below. Too busy to visit my blog regularly? Then subscribe (for free) to receive new posts via email, simply follow the adorable birdie located at top right side of our website:

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