Wednesday’s Wink … {Travel and Love}

Hola. Yesterday I didn’t go to the gym, but I def had a work-out because I painted a room in my home (aspirin to the rescuuuue), today my muscles are screaming mega oouchie!! So 2 aspirins and I am ready to hit the road soon … I have another onsite decorating consultation today. I hope you love today’s photo/accessory picks. Sometimes (ok, maaany times) decorative items make me stop in my tracks and smile. I wonder if I look like a crazy person to store passerbys probably thinking ‘what is this gal smiling about.’ But hey, I keep trekking + smiling seeing the wonders of beauty all around us. When I spotted these ‘red’ designs (handmade), featured below, once again I couldn’t help but smile hugely (<– is that even a word???). One is a cute passport cover that to me shouts/sings I am in looove’. It is sold by creative gal Portia from Jack and Bee Designs in Norco, California and the other are lovely butterflies (3D wall decals) from Simply Chic Lily of Tallahassee, Florida:

Now, this next set simply reminds me that ‘i neeed a vacation’. Funny how subconsciously I found items that reminds me of vaca! It includes another passport design from Jack & Bee Designs, a simple yet lovely key design jewelry (reminds me that we all have the key to living great!),  a sweet ‘baked’ treat from Jenna @ Short Bread NYC (because who DOESN’T eat  a lot on vaca), and a unique journal from Artreasury in Romania, Europe. 

I am planning on taking a vaca soon – hubby and I are heading to San Francisco in a few months (yaay!!). Hope you enjoy today like it’s a vaca day! Treat yourself great!!! ‘Talk to you’ in 2 days for our latest Friday’s Find collage reveal.

(photo credits: Jack and Bee Designs , Simply Chic Lily, Short Bread NYC, Artreasury) Every comment is read, appreciated, and loved. Too busy to visit my blog regularly? Then subscribe (for free) to receive new posts via email, simply follow the adorable birdie located at top right side of our website:

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3 Responses to Wednesday’s Wink … {Travel and Love}

  1. Victoria says:

    LOVE the passport holders! They really are useful and super cute! And how exciting…San Francisco?! You’ll have to take a ton of pictures (which I am sure you will!) you deserve a great vaca!!!

  2. nick says:

    ooh yum. i love whoopie pies! and i really like that airplane design.

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