Wednesday’s Wink … Thanksgiving Gifts

Thanksgiving is only a week away …yuuuum. For today’s post I gathered a few decorative items that I think you may like .. for yourself or maybe to give to someone. I may get the cup cover for my office. Here’s a quick review:

  • Left Picture: Tiny Bells are great for making toasts at the dinner table (great for Thanksgiving and Christmas)
  • Top Small Picture: Wine Pocket is a nice treat to give a host .. because after the wine is gone, they still have the lovely pocket to reuse. I love gifts that keep on giving :)  
  • Middle Small Picture: Cup with Cover .. how genius (a cover, coaster, and tray) LOVE IT!!!
  • Bottom Small Picture: Buri Turkey .. you can eat this turkey!

(Photo Credits from left: Viva Terra, top: Design Public, middle: West Elm, bottom: Crate&Barrel) 

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2 Responses to Wednesday’s Wink … Thanksgiving Gifts

  1. I love these ideas! One year I took small terra cotta pots and painted them fun colors, turned them upside down and put a round felt bottom on them to look like hats - inside each pot I placed a note for each person at the table to say why I was thankful for them. They were a big hit, maybe it’s time to resurrect that!

  2. Kathie says:

    I have bookmarked the Wednesday Wink not only because I’m interested in all these great ideas but because I also think you are so clever to come up with “Wednesday’s Wink”. Besides using the bells to create good feng shui for my clients, I’m going to suggest them at the dining table to invite Mrs. Chi. Thanks for your inspiration!

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