Wednesday’s Wink . . . {surround yourself with love}

Hello readers! The roads and sidewalks are icy today in NY (makes me very grateful that I have a home office and my new decorating consultation service via Skype video - phew!). Hubby already told me he skated a few times walking to work. I took a few photos of the ice this am … the beauty of what I spotted within the ice - I’ll post them one of these weekends. For today, in honor of Valentine’s day approaching I spotted a few designs that I hope inspire you to surround yourself with love! The 1st design is by Stephanie from Timeless Creations  in Colorado … where they create beautiful ceramic art such as the flower vase below. I imagine these vases placed on a kitchen window sill or counter … and  how lovely to walk into a kitchen every day and have a vase greet you with the words I LOVE YOU (definitely brings a smile to me): 

The second photo is from Kim Johnson of ekofabrik in Florida …. who creates eco-friendly home decor like the beautiful bird love pillow above made from recycled felt and chenille. I LOVE this pillow .. simple yet elegant with ‘meaning’ = love!

I spotted the below cutie-pie-decor (my slang!) from a designer in Texas called April Hiler. It is a tag/ornament with initials carved in birch wood within a heart shape. Isn’t it cute and ruggedy ? Cute, unique (with initials) and $6.50. I think this decor is a cute one to surprise a loved one … maybe hide the cute tag in his/her bag which he/she will spot when they get to work.  I always get a huge smile every time my hubby surprises me with an unexpected note in my bag. I LOVE it!

Check out  April Hiler Designs’ work … very creative April .. thanks for sharing your beautiful creations with us!!!

(Photo Credits: Timeless Creations , ekofabrik, April Hiler Designs ) Too busy to visit my blog regularly? Then subscribe (for free) to receive new posts via email, simply follow the adorable birdie located at top right side of our website:

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8 Responses to Wednesday’s Wink . . . {surround yourself with love}

  1. Victoria says:

    Ada- you are awesome for sharing these…even if I wasn’t into the whole Valentine’s Day “thing”- these items are super cute and your ideas make me want to add them to my home (or future home!) and to surprise my loved one :)

    hope you have a great V-day!

  2. Ada says:

    Glad to hear that u enjoy my finds .. yeah! I keep eyeing the bird-heart pillow …. I may add it to my collection … I think I am drawn to the red color too -> my company logo color :) Have a wonderful V-day as well!

  3. Kim Johnson says:

    Thanks so much Ada for including my Valentine pillow! Your blog is wonderful! I will follow along! Please visit mine when you have a chance!

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

    • Ada says:

      Hi Kim! U r very welcome, have a spectacular valentines day as well! I will def check out your blog soon … looking fwd to staying in touch via our blogs!

  4. Steph says:

    Thanks sooo much for adding my vase to your inspiring and beautiful blog:)

    I really do appreciate it and have all ready joined your blog and today I am going to go out and get the stuff to do that wonderful sunburst mirror…I LOVE IT and never realized how simple it is to make it:)

    Thanks for the inspiration and choosing my item for a feature:)
    Timeless Creations LLC

    • Ada says:

      You are very welcome! Thank ‘you’ for creating such a beautiful vase! I look fwd to connecting via blog. Oh and … how exciting that u r going to create ur very own sunburst mirror (yeah!!!). Please do email me a photo. Have a beautiful day Steph!

  5. Toni says:

    Hi Ada,
    You still have ice? I’m so glad it has all cleared now in the UK and I can look forward to spring! Your blog is lovely, you have a very nice eye for detail. Toni x

    • Ada says:

      Hi Toni … yes still some ice over here. Just yesterday I made a wobbaly dance move as I almost slipped on ice (thank goodness I didn’t fall). So still appreciating the beauty of the snow/ice yet cautious in travel. I am happy to hear that you like my blog. Looking fwd to keeping in touch via ur blogs. Have a beautiful day!!!

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