Wednesday’s Wink … { my story PUBLISHED in a book }

Did you know? … that my story has been featured in a book! It is called Speaking Your Truth. I remember when I received the hard copy at my door stop .. it was so EXCITING flipping through it and seeing my words on the pages. Here’s the cover:

I am on page 228. My story is about how my past created my beautiful present. It reveals my AHA moment that lead me to become an interior decorator, the job I had that I sooo disliked (I lasted there for about only 1 month), what brought me to tears and literally to my knees after years of not praying, and my no nonsense approach to not giving up on what your heart leads you to become.

The book is filled with more than 40 inspirational stories from women. You can get a copy of it at Amazon! The book cover illustrator is Janice Earhart, her company name is  iZoar (I love that name!). She also creates art prints, journals, and more.  Her Village of iZoar is were all of her fun, creative characters live! 

If you read my story, let me know what you think about it. Many people have told me that they were very surprised on what I went through, but as heartbreaking as some situations I went through in the past were .. I have to say that I wouldn’t change a thing bec. it has made me the person that I am today. And I am happy and oooh sooo freakin appreciative for everything that I have … gratitude starts with my morning stretch. Oh, and I have been working on creating my own interior decorating book (woohooo!). I was hoping to have it finished by this Spring (um, that didn’t happened) … it will happen one day thought. But, do stay tuned for my Christmas decorating book, I am alllllmmoooost done drafting … I just need to hide in a cave to finish it. Live every day with joy!!! I talked/wrote alot today huh? Can u tell I had my am coffee already?

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6 Responses to Wednesday’s Wink … { my story PUBLISHED in a book }

  1. Antonio says:

    I can’t wait to read your book : )

    • Ada says:

      Glad to hear it Antonio. All the stories in the book are very inspirational. Book also makes a nice gift for family and friends.

      • It was such an amazing journey to be a part of this inspiring book. To have the courage to tell your story and have it support and inspire other women is most wonderful.
        Thanks for sharing.
        We appreciate you
        Janice and the Village of iZoar

      • Ada says:

        Hi Janice .. glad that u were part of bringint the book to life - literally with your whimsical illustrations capturing the essence of each chapter. I LOVE the illustration for my chapter :) GREAT job!!

  2. Mary McCurdy says:

    I am so proud to “kind of” know you. I am ordering a copy!

    • Ada says:

      Thanks so sweet (((thank you for saying so))), and hey when u buy it u will ‘REALLY’ know me bec. I reveal some heavy stuff. Have a beautiful day Mary .. keep shining!

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