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I am making a declaration! I declare to finish READING a design book in full before I pick up a new one! They are sooo many pretty ones that I want to surround myself by all, but alas I need to put my foot down (on my own foot ouch!) and finish reading books that I already started. Like this GORGEOUS book I am featuring today called ‘Living With What You Love’ - a book by Monica Rich Kosann an interior design photographer who cataloged the love found in homes she photographed.


Doesn’t the name itself, ‘Living With What You Love’ , make you feel peaceful and loved?! It’s not that I get bored with a book, I just …. ummm… ok, here is my confession … I flip through all the pretty photos and many times skip the wording (shame on me!!! slap on my wrist). There is no much beauty within words that I know I do not benefit from simply looking and not reading. We miss out on facts like … the original intent behind the design, or why the design makes sense for that homeowner’s home and maybe not in ours. So, again . I do declare to finish reading ’Living With What You Love’ this week (yikes .. did I just give myself homework … ok, I have until Sunday 11:59:59 to finish it).  Here one of the photos featured where the homeowner’s collection of jewelry (necklaces + bracelets) are displayed oooh so nicely:

Can you blame be for being a page flipper? Check out these gorgeous pages that make me reminisce :

When I spotted this page below it reminded me of the keepsake frame I created around about 2002 - where I framed small items from dating (boyfriend back then, hubby now) … I believe I created it after a year dating. Yes, yes, .. very girly of me! I ransacked my memories box and found my keepsake frame …. peek below. The frame contains the movie stub (1st movie we ever saw together was Signs starring Mel Gibson, Joaquin Phoenix), restaurant postcard clip were we had our 1st date (Le Bar Bat .. famous ‘back in the ‘day’), lounge we went to after dinner called Zanzibar (which is still hip), and a scribbled list from my BF that listed the songs he was going to place in a music CD for me. Hmmm, I never did get the music CD … but its the thought that counts for me .. I LOVED seeing his list of songs that reminded him of me .. of us.   

Ok, ok, enought giiirrrly stuff. I have to go catch up with work, because I have a book to finish! If you want to buy your own book copy, take a stroll over here !

(photo credits: book - ‘Living With What You Love’ , frame -  Ada’s Interior Design) Every comment is read, appreciated, and loved. To leave a comment please scroll down. Too busy to visit my blog regularly? Then subscribe (for free) to receive new posts via email, simply follow the adorable birdie located at top right side of our website:


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