Wednesday’s Wink - Shumons Living + Dining Room

Here’s one of my designs created for my client Shumon in Queens, NY … the main priority (apart from comfort and style of course) was creating a design that included his tv projector and it’s screen as well as a space for his karaoke machine = all to lead to an elegant yet FUN space where he could entertain. Mission accomplished! Check out the photos:

We needed “slim” artwork to fit behind the projector screen - decal to the rescuuuueee!  My beautiful assistant Albina and I had a fun time installing the MEGA-HUGE butterfly wall decal. (Thanks Albina!!) It was a work-out and def a 2 person install … or else it would had turned into an I Love Lucy oopsie moment (remember when Lucy and Ethel attempted to hang wallpaper).

 The calmness before the  crazy (yet fun) installation …

Contractor Virgil + team did a GREAT job assembling the furniture, painting, furniture placement, hanging art, etc, etc. ‘very heavy items’ etc.:

Shumon looooves music, so we added an economical unique decal in the hallway … 2 different guitars (split in the middle + placed within the wall molding):

The design included a dining space (table, chairs, pendant lamp, decal art) and a separate office/Karaoke central area  (glass desk with 2 tier counters, plus 2 ottomans) next to the dining table slightly seen in the pic below to the top left … I did say ‘slightly’. Sorry, I couldn’t find any pics of it:

The dining area leads to the kitchen …. where we added a quote from one of Shumon’s favorite movies “Braveheart”:

Pssst, the kitchen’s slate floor (see gray floor above) are actually vinyl tiles placed on top of the original “eeew” tiles. An economical way to transform the floor! Here’s the furniture placement drawing I created for him:

I hope you loved our behind-the-scenes tour of my client Shumon’s elegant bachelor pad (that’s right, men’s homes can definitely be elegant!). Oh, in case you missed it, here’s the Color Story I created for the room (more pics here):

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8 Responses to Wednesday’s Wink - Shumons Living + Dining Room

  1. Hi Ada, that room looks gorgeous! I’m an architect but I’m fascinated with interior design and decor. I like your style.

  2. Victoria says:

    love the decal on the living room wall!!!! Such a creative touch- i also love how you totally listen to your clients and what they want to bring to life their dreams:) you’re awesome!

    • Ada says:

      Thanks Victoria!!! Who says u CANNOT have Karaoke parties in style huh? .. not in my watch! … style + comfort rules!!!

  3. ouise says:

    Nice use of a small space. It looks like a really comfy and classy place to curl up and watch a great movie. I would love to know where the rug is from?

    • Ada says:

      Hi Ouise .. glad to hear that u like the design. The best part was seeing my clients photos of all the great Karaoke parties he has in the designed space. My mission - accomplished! :) I don’t remember were I sourced the area rug from (my files are tucked away right now) … but it is veeery comfy. If I come across it at a store again, I’ll let u know. Thanks for stopping by the blog, I look fwd to staying in touch!

  4. Hi Ada,

    Wow, the room seems to have come alive! I love the colours. It must be really rewarding when you see your client’s face when they see what you can do with a space :)

    Toni x

    • Ada says:

      Oh it is VERY rewarding! That’s the BEST part of my designs .. knowing that it makes my clients HAPPY and that I can insire others to realize that they can live and feel great at home with ‘economical’ solutions.

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