Wednesday’s Wink … back from California! {Newspaper arrived}

Hello. I am back from visiting beautiful San Francisco, California. We have loooooooots of photos to share sharing our trolley rides, our venture flying in a seaplane, cutie-pie sea lions spotted at the pier swimming about + some just lounging around, our anniversary dinner in a gorgeous restaurant, and more (many which will be uploaded to facebook by next week) and a few on my Weekend Color Story blog column (so I hope you stay tuned). When I arrived to my office I was pleasantly surprised when I went to my mailbox …

… waiting for me was the newspaper copy from La Opinion (a well known Spanish written newspaper from Los Angeles, California) who printed design tips I gave to reporter Esmeralda Fabian on bedroom comfort for their May 2, 2011 publication issue. Here’s some pics I took (u can always tell when I an excited when I reach for my camera haha).  

Did you spot my name?  

A HUGE thank you to the wonderful reporter Esmeralda for mentioning my blog (what a lovely additional surprise). My mom LOVES reading the newspaper in Spanish. You can read the article here (remember, it is in Spanish). Have a GREAT day!!!

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