Wednesday’s Wink … {floating vase + more}

Today I am featuring some decorative items from one of my fav stores, Animi Causa. Several of their items are one of those that u find yourself doing a double take to take another look with the thought of … “did I just see that??“. 


They have creative items like their Crime Scene Pot Trivet. Though the name is kinda vicious, I rather name it … Tired-person-who-is-taking-a-break-on-the-floor-from-a-long-day-at-work-who-comes-home-to-cook. Dontcha like my name better? How about … kitchen Break? .. or Phew, Long Day? Hmmm, what would u name it?I do love the name of their bowl .. Poing! Deservingly so with it’s shape (website has it described as iron meets origami … pretty cool in my book!). And can you guess how those very slimmmm vases stay up? Pssst .. magnets. Their leaf lamp is uniquely adorable as well. Well, I gotto go now … I have 2 designs to wrap up, orders for clients to place, and still need to squeeze in some time today (I heard it is going to rain for the next 4 days in NY .. yikes!!!) to go to the post office to drop off the magazine giveaway to the lucky winner from my Facebook fans page. More giveaway sweepstakes coming up – stay tuned. Yikes, I hear thunder …. I gotto go …. have a beautiful day (rain + all!).

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  1. Julie says:

    These items are pretty cool…I luv their uniqueness!!

  2. Jane says:


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