Wednesday’s Wink … design peek {one of my designs}

 Hi!!! Here are some photoshoot pictures of one of my completed full interior decorating service projects. 


My clients had just moved from California so I walked into an empty apartment decorated with tons of boxes (which was not the look that they were going for hahaha). The #1 large item that they were keeping was the dining room set which I used as my inspiration piece along with an artwork frame that I spotted and found out that they loved the artpiece but never figured out how to incorporate it … which is ok … bec they now had me to help illuminate their style within their home, while maximizing space for extra store … including mounting the wine glass holders under their kitchen cabinet. Below is the furniture placement layout that I designed… creating a balance between the 2 largest (+ heaviest furniture items) sofa and the dining table:

For some clients I also create elevation drawings – like the one below .. which shows the placement of the bookshelf – which I call ‘the library’.. hey, just bec it is a small space doesn’t mean we simply name it as the ‘booook area’ booorrring .. it’s their ‘library’. To maximize space I designed it to function as the library, the TV center, the home office hub:

Ready to view a before photo?

Here’s another photo. Did you spot the swivel ‘aparatus’???

It’s a shoe rack/book holder in one side and a sleek modern design mirror on the other side. The beauty of it (besides the awesome functionality) is that the mirror in that area makes the room look LARGER. Do you like the design?

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2 Responses to Wednesday’s Wink … design peek {one of my designs}

  1. Julie Jamison says:

    Great design Ada! Luv the mirror/shoe rack

  2. Ada says:

    Glad that u like the design Julie! and luv the mirror/shoe rack. It is one of their fav items as well.

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