Wednesday’s Wink … { Design Peek | Bedroom Circles}

Happy Wednesday!!! Today I’m featuring another one of my interior designs, a bedroom design for a cool client in Astoria, Queens. Below is the furniture placement … check out the Music/Reading Area:

In a room with boxy items, we can maintain a ‘balanced design’ by adding circular decorative items which can be achieved with bedding, side table, plant holder, etc. beautiful etc.

The only items my client kept (that he already had) was … the musical instruments. Everything else … was happily sourced/and purchased by moi! The bed’s headboard is pretty low, so to give visual HEIGHT I installed green oval wall decals and ‘linked’ them up, since the furniture design is a bit ‘boxy’ I recommended that we add a round white tulip side table (did you spot the green decal ON THE TABLE as well). Yep, decals aren’t just for walls!!!


Here’s a before photo: … no furniture, and ready to get it’s paint on!


With the MAGIC of furniture (ooh yeah … and I cool decorator .. wink wink!!), the room transformed from blah boring to hipster happy with POPS of color. Did you spot the carpet tiles below? 


What makes my career so freaking beautifully interesting is that every client is different which means that every design is unique. Most clients would want a nightstand, but this client’s lifestyle + style preferences didn’t call for one. Here’s a closer view of the decal on the side table:


During the initial consultation with my client I spotted that he had guitar + violin cases; he mentioned that he was planning on selling them since he didn’t think he would have time to play the instruments or that they would go well within the design. Well, NOT ON MY WATCH!!! Here I am (when I had shoooort hair!) prepping a ‘music space’: …..

…. when I hear a client’s passion (and he was clearly passionate about music) I aim to illuminate that passion within their home. Even if we are busy, displaying items that we love gives us a visual reminder of joy.

The design also incorporated his bathroom … for the wood blinds I suggested a matchy color of the toilet seat cover. Yes, you read correctly .. TOILET SEAT COVER which was wood as well.  Also, we added rug, and TWO shower curtains that complemented the rug:


Do you play any musical instruments? As for me … I can’t even whistle a tune (seriously, I can’t!), though that’s ok (it’s not my passion, right!!). Have a GREAT day! I have to jump on another computer now …. where I generate invoices (thank goodness my office chairs have casters/wheels) ….. zoooom!

(photo credits: Ada’s Interior Design) Every comment is read, appreciated, and loved. To leave a comment please scroll down!

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12 Responses to Wednesday’s Wink … { Design Peek | Bedroom Circles}

  1. rooth says:

    Oh I like that cushy high backed chair! Where did you source it from?

    • Ada says:

      Hi Rooth, the chair is amazing! I sourced it for a client and out of respect for my paying clients (they pay me to design/find/buy/install) I don’t reveal the source. If it was an item I purchased for myself I would be HAPPY TO SHARE the source. Have a BEAUTIFUL day!

  2. Rose says:

    Loooove this design! The bedding is super fun and bright and I really like the music space! You’re right – even visual reminders of what we love on display can bring us joy! Great design 🙂

  3. homestilo says:

    What a large room. I really like that chair (I’m ready for it in my own home now!) and that bedding is so happy. The musical corner is also a cool touch…ok, I like the whole thing.

    • Ada says:

      I remember the client surprising me by playing the keyboard and he was AMAZING!!! He used to play in front of thousands of people. It’s am awesome feeling to create designs that makes people feel so happy!

  4. Jonathan says:

    Bright and sunny and fun, just like you!

  5. Ada. I’m always so impressed with how you use color in a space. I am loving that duvet and the circles are a nice touch.

  6. Where did you got that toilet seat? It’s so cool it matches the wood blinds and the choco rug there.

    • Ada says:

      I matched the wood blinds to the toilet seat that was already in the apartment 🙂 But do a google search under ‘wood toilet seat covers’ and see what comes up.

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