Wednesday’s Wink … {And the winner is…}

We have a winner for the Kiss Me Decal + flower hairpin giveaway! Here I am below packing the cutie-pie giveaways (my super-talented intern Jane took the photo of me ‘in action’ ) , I find wrapping presents to be such a stress reliever. Do you?

Ok, back to the winner announcement. I hope everyone enjoyed participating in the giveaway as much as I enjoyed holding one! Thank you all for making my giveaway a success. And because of that, you are all winners in my eyes!

The giveaway prize is wrapped and tucked away, ready for shipment to the lucky winner! I know you’re all eager to know who the winner is so without further ado, let’s reveal the winner who was chosen by! And the winner is - drumroll please  ♪ ♪ ….

Fabulous Stephanie Phelps!

Woohoo! Congrats Stephanie! Your wall decal and floral hairpin prize is ready to be shipped to you. Thanks for entering. Remember to email us your mailing address by tomorrow at

I hope you all participate again in our future giveawaysss. And I have moooore news … you remember my saying earlier in this post that in my eyes, everyone who participated is a winner, right? Well, I am gifting a FREE Skype Video consultation to all participants so we can see each other face to face (via our computers) and I can provide you with decorating ideas for your rooms/home.  (psst if you don’t have Skype video, you can sign up in less than 7 minutes and it’s FREE, so you can chat with me and your friends and family). Do you want to chat? Available only to participants of this giveaway (we have the list of names), simply email Team Ada at so we can schedule a day for the fun consultation.

Lastly, I am craving ice cream… oh, I meant to type that I  hope you all stick around for my next giveaway. Hint: sweet (no candy involved!) Can you guess what it is? Get an extra point for the next giveaway if you can guess correctly in the comments below! :) Until then, I hope everyone lives beautifully within their homes! Happy summer!

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