Wednesday’s Wink … {tour of our apt rental in Spain}

Here are a few pics I took of the apartment my hubby + I stayed (rented) while vaca’ing in Barcelona Spain. This was the FIRST time we visited Europe AND stayed at an apartment instead of a hotel sooo … Was a nervous? Naaah, more EXCITED!!!! Ready for a tour? Here I am below pointing to the living room (the door after the LR leads to our inside and then outside porch):

As soon as we met the landlord (whom we never met before) she gave us a huge smile and kiss on both cheeks (it’s a Spanish thing!) then we entered the building’s lobby and my jaw dropped as I kept looking up up up up at the high ceiling. The apt was exactly as I expected it would be – quaint, historic, with a sleek design (and ‘home amenities .. like dishes, cups, pans, washing machine, towels, etc.).Here is a the view of 2 rooms; the left – our inside porch, the right  shows the bedroom (I feel in love with the ceiling medallion and it’s handing pendants):


The apartment had me at … hellllooo tiles .. which the landlord told us was installed in the 1800s (I believe I heard correctly, I was a bit distracted by the tiles):

Below left pic was our walk in closet which lead to the outdoor porch (we had 2 entries/exits to the porch .. from the living room and bedroom), and the right photo is the simplistic quaint side view of the bedroom with the double doors that had shutters on them so we could close the door and leave the shutters open to see outside).

Left photo is another view from living room to bedroom (yes, I am still drooling over the floor tiles!), right photos shows the grand double doors from the bedroom to the living room, as well as to the walk-in-closet/doors to our outside porch:

Here’s a pic of the sofa, chair, coffee table, and artwork in the living room. And the skeleton key??? It was how we looked the bathroom from inside – the key wasn’t removable it just turned left and right for lock/unlock (yes, old school .. and I loved it!), not that I had to lock the door, but I did just to use the key (hahahaha): Now, r u ready to see our amazing ‘tiny’ lobby in the apartment building? … We had to use a special skeleton key for entry and press a button when exiting. – landlord didn’t mention and we couldn’t figure out how to get OUT! Thank goodness a neighbor came out and we saw how she simply had to press a button aaaaallll the way to the left of the wall. How Indiana Jones = pull/press and door opens 🙂  

Oh, I also took VIDEO of the apartment. Which my wonderful video editor Zach is trying to prep so we can publish it in this week’s Sunday’s Smile. The video takes you from the outside of the apartment building (that’s me below walking towards the building), to the lobby, then the apartment tour. Including some unique elements, like ….. they had the toilet in a separate room from the bath (I kinda like it!!), the bathroom had a window which when opened peeked into the loddy (ok, this one was weird for me!!), and close ups of the kitchen shutters, and more! I hope you check out the video.

After Spain, we flew to Rome, Italy and stayed at another apartment rental – which had 3 terraces, 1 with an outdoor spiral staircase that lead to our rooftop terrace with view of .. ready for this?…. the Vatican! Yes, THE Vatican. Stay tune for those pics and I hope you enjoyed this tour, thanks for stopping by! Ooooh, don’t forget about my Summer ‘Kiss’ Giveaway

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10 Responses to Wednesday’s Wink … {tour of our apt rental in Spain}

  1. morgana says:

    that apt. looks amazing! Where did you find such great rentals? is there a website?

    • Ada says:

      Hi Morgana. Yep, doing internet research (a good quality for designers that source furniture alot online :)) I was blessed to find It’s fun visitng all their available rentals via online and seeing how they are decorated. We narrowed ours by location we wanted to be by, and amenities. If you want more behind the scenes info of what we loved and things we didn’t on the apartment .. just email me.

  2. What fun to see where you stayed while in Spain. The apartment is sweet but oh that lobby! Very dramatic. How did you find your rental? Is there an online site that you used? xoblenda

    • Ada says:

      My jaw dropped when I entered the lobby .. I had seen pics of inside the apartment but not the humongous lobby … so it was a wonderful surprise!!! Yes, I used an international onsite apartment rental site: It’s fun browsing (peeking) at all their rentals. If you want more info (more behind the scenes info .. the good, ugly, beautiful scoop) .. just email me.

  3. Victoria says:

    Your pics are amazing from Spain! That apartment is beautiful, and what a homey way to enjoy a vacation.

    I CAN NOT wait to see more pics from Rome – sounds like an amazing trip – and you definitely deserved to have an amazing vacation! looking forward to more blogs! 🙂

    • Ada says:

      It was ALL amazing!! Every stop got better and better, after Rome we went to Amalfi where this time we stayed at a hotel … oh, yeah a CASTLE hotel on a mountain 🙂 Where the elevators lead us to cave exits .. yeah caves (MY jaw dropped when I saw it in person) … hallways carved from the seaside mountains. Stay tuned 🙂

  4. morgana says:

    Thanks for the info! I’m planning a vacay to Europe, so this will be helpful.

    • Ada says:

      U r welcome and how wonderful that r u planning on going to Europe!!!! Besides Barcelona, Spain; we went to Italy – stayed in Rome – apartment, Amalfi – hotel/castle … then visited Capri and Positano as day trips <– if U love the movie Under the Tuscan Sun, this is where Marcello lived). My advice with rental … read the reviews then go with your gut feeling!!!

  5. Ada — Getting an apartment is definitely the way to go! I’ve done it in Paris, Prague, Berlin… and on & on. The place you got in Spain is GORGEOUS — I love those tiles, too. Such lively energy will keep a tourist happy for weeks! Thanks for sharing!

    • Ada says:

      Hi Ann! Glad to hear that u have rented as well when on vaca. Hubby and I plan on going to Paris on our next Europe trip – and would loooove to get a rental as well (I’ll be in touch!!!).

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