Wednesday’s Wink … { peek at my Christmas ornaments etc. }

How are you doing with your holiday decorating? Mine is aaaaall done (phew!), now I can fully tackle the shopping list for presents. Below are a few of our fave decorative items we use for xmas, such as our choo choo train with Santa greeting and Reindeer (I call him Norman, Rudolph is on vaca .. hey he needs to rest up for Xmas day right??!!!!).

We have a red and white theme going on .. and the variety of nutcracker soldiers are our guardians. Below are small … since they are ornaments. If my hubby could program these little guys to zap me or at least notify him that I am close to presents I swear he would :) .. since I am the ‘love to shake the wrapped presents to try to figure out what they are’ type of gal:

Hubby actually purchased a NO PEEKING sign for his closet door as a ‘gentle’ reminder for me not to ‘forget’ that my presents are hiding in there. Oooh the temptation :) I added the pic of it in Facebook. Here’s another pic of our train set (I love it’s cheerful vibrant colors):

What’s 2 of your fave ornament? Do you have some nutcracker soldiers as well?

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4 Responses to Wednesday’s Wink … { peek at my Christmas ornaments etc. }

  1. homestilo says:

    These are all so cute- I really like the deer (so elegant!)

  2. Michelle says:

    I’m going to post some of my ornaments after we put our tree up this weekend (we are so late). We get a new ornament every year and I’m totally excited to show off this years! It’s our pup! So, that’s my favorite now. I’d say I get a new favorite every year.

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